It Never Came

Prompt: The letter that never came.

He sighed heavily, curling up a little more on his bed. The duvet was on the floor, the sheets askew, and he had his arms and legs wrapped around his pillow. 
His girlfriend had been called abroad, after a close friend of hers had said he needed her. She had immediately booked a ticket, packed, and left. That had been on the tenth. It was now the thirteenth, and there hadn't been any word from her. 

He was low. He was missing her.
It was Valentine's day tomorrow, and he had a feeling he'd be alone. 

* * *

Valentine's day came and went, and there was nothing. He was beginning to think she had abandoned him, left him for her friend, or a foreign gentleman. He hadn't eaten since Valentine's, but he hadn't noticed. He just wanted her back. 
It was then the door rattled, before it was kicked open with a loud bang. His girlfriend fell through the door, looking tired, bedraggled, but happy to be home. He simply stood and stared. He didn't know what to do, as she pushed her beautiful hair out of her face. He was definitely glad that she hadn't caught a tan, though. 

She looked at him, her eyes bright and shining. She dropped all of her bags, not bothering to close the door, and launched herself at him. Shocked, he wrapped his arms around her, and laughed. She clung to him as he had done with his pillow, and she was crying into his shoulder, before pressing wet kisses to his neck and jawline. 

"Did you get my letters?" She asked. Frowning, he shook his head. "Damn. I wrote and sent one everyday I was abroad." She laughed. This just made him hug her tighter. 
"Oh! Oh!" She scrambled down, and began unpacking her bags, showing him a case full of foreign food, ingredients and spices, another of designer clothing for the both of them, and a beautiful guitar, which she had bought for him. 

He smiled, listening to her babble. God, he had missed her. 

The End

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