Prompt: Emeralds - A prompt given to me by a friend :)

Blinking quickly, the new eyes tried to get used to the light. Everything was blurry, and everything was loud. Decidedly unimpressed, the new being began to wail. She could hear murmurings and sighs, and taste the disturbance in the air; taste the relief and exhaustion. 

Suddenly, there was something soft. It was warm, contrary to its colouring; she expected it to be cold and off putting, but as the white surrounded her little form, she found herself comforted. She was being held by a large creature, and this unnerved her slightly. She saw the world shift, felt her body move against her own will, as she herself was shifted. 

Now, above her, were two more large beings. One had a long, messy mass of brown and dark yellow upon a pink faced, blue orbed head and a tear in its face, and the other had black tendrils. The one with black got closer, and came into focus. There was bright white in the crescent-shaped tear, and liquid on its face, near soft ovals of brown, different to that which covered the other creature. There was suddenly noise in the air that was familiar. 

It was coming from the creature above her, she was sure. It was nice. She shifted her head slightly, curious of what the pink one sounded like. The dark one looked too. The rip, surrounded by a luscious dark pink, shifted, and a beautiful sound came out. She knew in that moment that this creature would protect him. It was beautiful, as was the dark topped one. She claimed these two for her own, and refused to let anyone else have them. 

* * *

"Hello, baby girl." The father smiled softly, gazing down into his new daughter's sweet, unusual green eyes. They were so bright, yet so dark, and sinfully beautiful. "This one's gonna be a heart breaker, and as beautiful as her mother." He teased softly.

"She's perfect, isn't she?" Her eyes were tired, as were her voice, but both were soft and sweet, gazing down at the child in her arms. The little girl's skin was a soft, almost pale caramel, with a crop of dark brown hair, and of course, bright emerald eyes. They both stroked their baby's skin and hair softly, both enchanted by the life they had created.

"She is, and she's ours."

The End

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