Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

Julia sulked. Her arms were crossed, her knees were pressed to her chest, and she was scowling so hard that it made her face ache.
She had fallen out with her parents, and with a small bag packed, had stormed out of the house. The young woman was now curled up on a mattress in a small kiosk, which she, along with a few others, had the keys to. Technically speaking she was trespassing, but she really didn't care. Some rules were meant to be broken, especially when it comes to pushy parents.

She dragged a thin blanket over herself, before letting out a shriek as the door opened. Whoever was opening the door jumped back, causing it to slam. Julia strained her neck curiously. The door opened again, and a pair, a young man and younger girl, entered slowly.

"Hi." Julia greeted them softly.
"Hey." The man said. The girl clinging to him only came up to his hip, and was hiding behind him slightly.
"I'm Julia."
"Solomon, and my daughter, Rose."
There was silence, before the pair sat down on the mattress, and opened the mini fridge, pulling out three cans of carbonated drink. Julia accepted the can with a smile.

"I'm definitely glad Sarah did up this place, even if it is illegal." Solomon said. Julia glanced at him. He was tanned, with dark hair and skin, and had stubble on his face, which he rubbed gently.

"It's not illegal if you don't get cause." Julia piped up slightly. This made Rose giggle, and Solomon smirk. Julia smiled in response. It seemed the night was looking up.

The End

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