A Second Can Change It All

Random chapters with different prompts. Basically a group of oneshots for my own amusement.

Prompt: 'It took a second, maybe less, but it changed everything.'

A smile was all it took - a passing upturn of the mouth, causing chapped, yet ever so soft looking pink lips, with a sharp Cupid's bow, to curve upwards in a polite, friendly fashion, was all it took to ensnare her. It was crooked, confident, boyishly mischievous and wolfishly handsome.  

In a second, she took in his whole appearance, from the way the wind knotted his hair, to the twinkle in his eyes, the way he sauntered, and how he was confident in his own skin.
In that moment, she decided that she would follow this man anywhere.

She gave him a lazy two fingered salute, which made that slight smirk twist into a full on grin, teeth and all, accompanied by a soft chuckle.
Ah yes, she may just have been a hired gun, but she would be loyal to him to the end. That man with the amazing smile.  

The End

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