Outside the Window

I'm simply finishing prompts I find on the internet the way I wish to in order to get back into a good writing habit.

Waking up, I feel numb. The clock reads 2pm, meaning I have slept half the day away again. Glancing around, the room appears as it always does. Gloomy. A perfect fit for someone like me. However, perhaps today is the day. I drag myself out of bed, and walk to the curtain-covered windows. I peel back the curtains for a second, peer outside, sigh disappointed, and close the curtains only to immediately open them back open. This time when I peer outside the dusty windows of my bedroom, the first thing I notice is the bright, inviting sun, warming up the earth. People are dancing in the streets, falling in love with one another to the beat of music I can faintly hear. I see friends laughing along and when I think hard enough, I can almost hear the jokes that are being told. Couples hold hands with each other, swaying their arms as their souls reciprocate the motion. Vivid colors shine brightly everywhere I look and I feel hopeful. I shut my eyes and breathe in, inhaling the love that was so clearly present outside the confines of this room. Perhaps today is the day. Exhaling, I allow my eyes to open slowly, despite my fear of the love I felt turning into darkness. I peer outside the window once more, and everything has stayed the same. People are dancing, friends are laughing, hands are holding, souls are swaying. I can hardly hold in my excitement as I tear off the curtains of my window. The light pours in, and the room is filled with it. Today is the day.

The End

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