But I have a doctor's appointment.

"The hospital? But I have a doctor's appointment," Julie said. 

"Well, you can contact your doctor after we get you checked out. You had a pretty bad accident."

"Well, I assure you I'm okay now. I really need to get back. I'll stop by the hospital on my way home. I already lost my appointment slot once; I don't think they'll let me reschedule again." 

"Miss, hold on. We need to ask you a few questions," a large man with unruly brown hair said. He was standing in the shadows, and she hadn't seen him until just then. 

"Really, sir," Julie said. "I'm okay." She started to lean forward, but the burly man pinned her down and restrained her with the Velcro straps. 

"Do you know your name?" a smaller, spindly-looking man, who resembled a hawk, asked.

"Yes!" Julie exclaimed, exasperated. They paused, staring at her, clearly waiting for her reply. "Julie Smith," she said resigning.

"Do you know where you are?"

"In the back of an ambulance, obviously." 

"No, I mean location." 

"New York City." 

"Do you know the date today?"

"Monday, September 2, 2012." 

The two men exchanged glances. 

Julie caught herself, "I mean Tuesday, September 3, 2012."

"Do you have head pains?" The two men were relentless.

"No, I just want to leave and go back to the doctor's office. I feel perfectly fine. Really, I don't know how that accident happened."

The spindly man pointed to her left ear and motioned in a circle. Was he calling her crazy? The burly man grew worried.

"Ma'am, I'm going to need you to lie still."

"I'm strapped in. I can't even move."

"Are you getting dizzy?" the burly man said. Or perhaps it was the spindly man. She wasn't too sure anymore.

"No, I'm fine," she lied. "I'm perfectly okay. I just want to leave."

She heard the wail of the siren, and she lurched forward as....

The End

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