Driving erratically again, she...

Driving erratically again, she accelerated through a yellow light. The torrents of rain rendered her eyes useless and she heard the metal on metal contact and knew it was over. Her airbag flew in her face and she soon lost consciousness.

When she came to a half hour later, all she could see were the bright red and white lights of the ambulance and more rain.

Damn cars, she silently thought.

Her sense of awareness peaked as she realized she was being carried on a stretcher towards the ambulance.

"Hey," she tried to say, but nobody heard her. "Hey, I'm okay. See?"

But nobody heard her words of desperation.They finally brought her to the ambulance and secured her inside. The blaring siren was switched on as they tore down the slick roads to the local hospital.

Paramedics immediately started to take her pulse and put her on an IV drip just in case something bad should happen.

"Miss, what is your name?" one of the male paramedics asked.

"Julie. Julie Smith."

"What happened?"

"I was driving, see, and I went through a yellow light and crashed."

"Okay, lie down. We're going to the hospital."

"The hospital? But....




The End

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