Waiting yet again.

After ten miniutes of waiting Julie began to get bored. She had flicked through nearly every old magazine on the desk and was now just sitting and filling her nails. Much to the annoyance of the woman next to her.

She went up to the receptionist.

"Excuse me?" Julie rather sharply cut into her conversation with anohter receptionist. "I'm here for my appointment but I was late. Is anyone going to see me at all?" The receptionist looked rather disaproving and Julie before clicking several buttons on her computer.

"Yes Miss Bayton is it?"

"Yep. Well?"

"We've had to reschedule you in half an hour because you missed your appointment slot and as you can tell we are very busy."

Julie sighed and stormed back to her seat. She would be here for another half hour bored out of her mind unless she spoke to someone.

Everyone else would have thier apointments and leave however. She would look so weird hanging round the waiting room.

After thinking for another five miniutes she stormed out. She still had another twenty five miniutes wait and she was sure she could get to boots and back by then. It was only in the centre of town after all. She cursed when she saw a little ticket stuck to her windscreen wiper. She had got a parking fine for being on the new double yellow lines outside the doctors office. No way would she pay to park when she was only meant to be in there five miniutes.

She felt like screaming. She tore the ticket off and stuffed it in her pockets as it started to rain and she got in her car. Today was definatly not her day. Driving eratially again she ...

The End

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