Had she really just say that?!

Astonished by her outburst, she climbs back into her car leaving the ugly woman behind, absolutely flabbergasted by Julie's yelling. While sitting in her car, Julie started laughing at her boldness.

Suddenly the light changed to yellow. Julie stepped on the gas pedal and raced through the intersection. All rude noise was pointed towards her as she raced dangerously through the traffic. The clock ticked slowly by in her car. She tried her best not to cause an acendient while trying to make it to her appointment.

She passed by some young men on their street bikes. Almost nipping the edge of their tires, she fought the urge to scream back sorry as they yelled swear words at her. Her hysteric laughter filled the silent car when she drove erratic through the city. In a matter of minutes, she makes it to her doctors office A bright smile made its foolish way onto her lips. She quickly checked her self in her mirror.

 Her sandy blonde hair waved slightly in a cute way, a million freckles were scattered around her nose. Her bright green eyes shinned enthusiasm as she got out of her car, slammed it shut and ran up the stairs to the double doors.

The doctors office was filled with a few people. A old woman with a runny nose, a toddler and it's mother playing in the tiny play area. The toddler coughed several times in five minutes. Julie signed in and sat quietly on the stinky couch, tapping her foot. Waiting for her turn yet again...

The End

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