Nothing, I was just

"Nothing, I was just trying to... Ok, you know what? Bad idea."

"Oh you think so now? Took your time being reasonable didn't you?"

Julie clenched her jaw and took a deep breath, not quite sure what she ought ot say or do... her mind however was quite adamant that whatever it would be she'd try not to get into an argument. See, it wasn't that Julie hated arguing with people... frankly she loved it... The only problem being that she ended up tongue tied most of the time during the argument and it wasn't till a good half an hour later that she really began to come up with witty comebacks that would have shut her opposition up.

So, instead she looked back at the driver behind her who'd already inched his card forward so that she was totally stuck. The cacophony of car horns didn't really help either. Seething on the inside but trying her best to put up a cool front at the woman who was now yelling at her for being a bimbette and starting up on another rant about how youngsters thought they owned the road.

Ok, that was it. She'd had enough. The morning had been abysmal anyways, what with the number of phone calls from different people telling her what she'd missed at last night's party and how her Ex had been there and not quite alone.Then there was the usual worry about bills and the usual payments and finding out that a complication would keep her mother in the hospital another week... all of this and more, stuff she'd been trying ehr best to deal with all came to the fore. She turned around and stared at the woman, her eyes not wavering as the Woman ranted on and on almost in perfect sync with the horns that resounded in utter discord around her.

"SHUT UP! I said I was sorry ok?! Now why don't you just move forward a bit so I can straighten this out?!"

She pointed at her car, her mind reeling at what she'd done while her body seemed to want nothing more than to figure out a way for itself to implode on itself. Had she really just said that?!

The End

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