Julie stared off into space and

Julie stared off into space and forgot she was driving to her doctor's office. She was already thirty minutes late, and was forced to call the office. 

Traffic was horrendous and it was bumper to bumper and there was no hope of ever getting there except to skirt along the median onto the other lane. 

Julie craned her neck to view her mirrors to check for any cops behind her. Surveying her surroundings fully, she slid backwards a few inches causing the small Thunderbird behind her to honk loudly. She cursed the middle-aged man under her breath. 

Turning her steering wheel to the left sharply, she just barely nicked the car in front of her, but it evoked a response of hatred and loathing from the woman driver. 

Great, Julie thought. I'll be stuck here all day now.

Julie got out of her car- there was no way the traffic would dissolve in the next ten minutes anyway.

"Hi, sorry about that," she said confronting the angry woman. 

The disturbed woman looked like she was in her early twenties, had medium length brown hair that hugged her shoulder blades, fierce brown eyes that revealed how mad she reall was, and had a posture that was not welcoming.

"What the hell are you doing anyway?" she asked leaving her inhibitions behind.

"Nothing. I was just 

The End

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