Writing Practices

I thought this would be a fun thing to get everyone involved in. Okay, what I have planned in the 30 seconds I've had this idea is that someone starts writing for 10 minutes. Only ten minutes. I don't care if you stop in the middle of a sentence, just stop writing and submit. Someone somewhere stumbles upon this, and finishes where you left off and they write for only ten minutes and continue the plot.


Rules (we all hate them, so let's get them over quickly): 

1.) Write for ten minutes straight. No thinking involved here. Just type. Spelling and grammar DOES NOT count against you. (Please don't give someone a bad rating for that.) I guess that goes with saying please spell the best you can under all this pressure. ;)

2.) DO NOT kill off the main character UNLESS you provide another main character in your 10 minutes of writing, or if there is another one available that pops up.

3.) This sounds weird, but try to end your post in the middle of the sentence. It makes the other person after you have fun. :)


5.) Chapter titles: Write the last line of the previous poster's submission if it was incomplete. Write the first line of your post if it was complete. (It'll make sense soon enough.)

6.) The obvious: Have fun! :D


1.) DON'T penalize grammar/spelling.

2.) DO rate on if the person advances the plot or hinders it.

3.)  Because there will be a lot of characters in this, DO rate on whether the writer spells the names correctly. 

4.) DON'T rate on originality of the piece if it has a noticeable twist.

The End

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