"I Guess This Is Growing Up."

(I'm using two characters from Sailor Moon ... I want to use this in a fanfic now ^_^ - Couldn't think of a title so I used lyrics from 'Coffee Break' - Forever The Sickest Kids)

Panic fluttered across his blue eyes, a hand running through his blonde fringe in an attempt to gather his self-control, all the while the saliva building within his throat. His hands felt sticky and his lips were dry.

Jed?” someone asked quietly next to his ear.

Grunting in recognition, Jed glanced to his left. His eyes fell onto his watery eyed sister.

Her hair was tied in a loose bobble at the back of her head, while her fringe fell awkwardly onto her heart-shaped face. Her cheekbones were slightly more noticeable than usual, and that thought made Jed uncomfortable.

They were sat in of one of their family's cars. The leather felt uncomfortable beneath their jean-clad legs but they had bigger things to worry about.

Are you OK?” Serena asked, resting a hand on his shoulder.

Jed nodded, although his expression gave him away.

Lowering her eyes, Serena whispered, “I'm sorry, you shouldn't have gotten caught up in this,”

Jed's eyes widened, startled. “It's not your fault,”

Serena smiled wryly. “You'd never let me blame myself, huh?”

Jed relaxed and smiled. “Of course not, you're my baby sister,”

Retracting her hand, Serena opened the latch on the car door and swung it open, revealing the dull, grey skies and a large garden.

The air hung with such viscosity that it almost choked the two as it entered their lungs. Serena stepped out of the car, looking around at the massive house and garden.

The grass was at a healthy level, dew sprinkled across it from the previous night, tulips and bluebells sprouting from the soil either side of the wide greenery. Tall trees with thick trunks fenced off the isolated house, their roots appearing around the house.

The house wall tall, wide and white with ivory slithering up it, framing the leaded windows which seemed to glare at the siblings.

From the slam of the car door behind her, Serena knew that Jed had stepped out.

Mm, it's cold,” Jed observed, feeling a small chill on his back.

He leant into the car again, pulling out two black jackets for them. He passed Serena one, which she graciously accepted before Jed pushed his arms through the sleeves of his own.

Shall we get this over and done with then?” Serena asked, glancing at her vivacious brother.

Yep,” Jed said, nodding. “Let's get this show on the road,”

And with that, they they took to the gravelled path, leading straight to the door. They walked quietly, only able to hear the crunching of stones underneath their feet and a trickle of water from somewhere nearby.

What do you think we got called here for?” Jed asked quietly, not even looking from the large, black door of the house to see Serena's reaction.

Serena bit her lip, her eyes also focused on the door that seemed to be getting bigger with every step. “Maybe they can't find him?”

Jed nodded. “Do you even know where he went?”

No idea,” Serena whispered

A silent moment of nerves passed between them before Serena spoke again, “or maybe they'll talk about the Mayor's Annual Ball,”

With just me, you and our father in the room?” Jed asked. “Unlikely.”

Serena breathed in. They were only metres away from the large door.

Well,” Jed started, “whatever it is, we'll stick together, OK?”

Serena nodded and stopped walking. They were only two feet away from the large door. There was no turning back now.

Breathing out, Jed grabbed the brass knocker in the middle of the door and brought it down heavily on the door twice, before letting go of it quickly and wincing slightly at the metallic crunch it had on the door.

The two stood in an eerie silence as they listened for sign of life on the other side of the door.

(Yep, I'm gonna use this in a fanfic now :D)

The End

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