Another One without a Title.

((Ok, so this is perhaps going to be my worst one yet... Its a first attempt at Romance. Quite obviously not my forte... Anyways, wrote this while I was out the last week and figured I'd try something else...))



“Seriously, where the hell were you all these years?” asked Tanvir, running a hand through his messy black hair for the hundredth time that day, trying his best to play his bit as a boyfriend which meant he was trying his best to keep the embarrassment showing on his face. The resultant expression amused Shivani, his girlfriend, more than his question.

“I don’t know…” she answered with her usual diplomatic opening. “Finding my way, I guess. Kind of like you were.”

“Yeah, but no… Not like that! I mean, like, 7 years Shivani! Seven whole years… Wouldn’t it have been better if like… I’d just talked to you earlier. Gotten to know you back in high school. It’d have saved me so much trouble.”

He looked at her, knowing she knew what he meant. Of course she did. They practically knew everything about each other at this point… Though he suspected that maybe she knew more about him than he did about her, but that was probably because she was a girl. Moreover, she was Shivani.

Shivani on the other hand didn’t look up, finding the dirt path in front of them to be far more interesting for the moment. Sighing, Tanvir, stuffed his hands in his pocket and contemplated the dirt path as well. The pair of them had gone to High School together but had never really talked for the occasional greeting in the morning or asking for a text book when the latter didn’t have one. That would usually be him… He wasn’t precisely the popular kind but he’d built up a reputation of not giving a sh*t about things but always getting through on natural smarts. It was this reputation that had made him accidentally on purpose forget his textbooks, his homework and the like and of course, that also gave him a reason to lean back and ask the nearest girl for a textbook in the most charming manner he could.

Shivani on the other hand and always been someone he’d envied. Naturally smart and good at things and also not so stuck up as he was with acting out. She’d always have her homework done and the like and yet manage to do all the stuff a normal teenager ought to. She wasn’t exactly little miss prissy either. She wasn’t perfect by a long shot… but to Tanvir, she’d been everything he wished he could be but was just too lazy to be. But apart from the secret admiration he held for her they never really talked that much save for once when they found themselves in trouble together for not doing a certain project. Him, because he’d gotten used to not doing anything, her because she was busy doing something else. Either way, they spent the 45 minute class standing outside, whispering to each other about how the teacher was stupid and then talking about how pathetic a book they had both read had ended and how it could have been made better.

After High school they’d hadn’t really talked must save for occasional messages of networking sites where it was usually quasi-formal banter. In the few years after they’d have both experienced life in all its glory and cruelty. Both found their lives made and shattered, hopes and dreams blown up and then ripped to shreds while precious few ever were realized. It was in the last few months that the pair, both suffering from wounds that life had been so generous in inflicting upon them that the pair found each other online and after the beginnings of a deceitfully cheerful set of conversations, facades were done away with and a bond began to grew as they found solace in each other’s companionship. A few months later, Tanvir found himself asking Shivani out in a more formal sense of the word and after that… well, things just took their own course. It had been a month since the pair had been dating now, a fact that Tanvir seemed to get uncharacteristically self conscious about.

His thoughts, his memories of the months since he’d really gotten to know her were interrupted in perhaps one of the most welcome ways possible. Her fingers hesitantly interlaced into his.

“Would it? We are what we are because of what’s happened to us, Tanvir. We’ve changed in subtle and some not so subtle ways since school. Frankly, I thought you were really stupid in school. Trying to show off and all…” she added with a teasing inflection that he wouldn’t be able to miss.

“Stupid! Hey, now!”

“Oh shush! You know it’s true… Think about it. Would you have ever considered talking to me back then? I wasn’t… popular enough to even consider going out with.”

“That’s not true! I’d have… like, maybe if I’d gotten to talk to you more.”

All she needed to do to reply to him now was raise a highly skeptical eyebrow at him. He realized that resistance was futile… especially when he was just arguing for the sake of it. He’d let himself get caught up in the High School popularity contest. He wouldn’t have talked to her so much to get to know her the way he did now… A year in college and two failed relationships had taught him that there was so much more to people than how well liked by other people they were. Appearances didn’t really matter to him that much anymore.

He sighed again, resigned to being defeated in a debate once again. Though this time, he didn’t care. He stopped and gently turned her around and kissed her softly on the lips quickly before whispering, “I’m glad we’ve changed then… I’m glad I got my head on straight… I still wish it hadn’t taken me so long though…”

She smiled back, brushed a lock of his hair out of his eyes, the hints of a blush barely visible as she turned to continue walking once again.

“Me too…”

The End

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