(I'm using my characters from my story Twisted :D) 

Aurora sighed. Her fitted coat seemed to ward off any men that wanted to talk to her. The air was so thick that she could feel it reverberating around her body. It wasn't cold, more ... dry.

The street was showered in litter, a hum of murmurs surrounding the area was all that could be heard, along with the clack of heels on the pavement.

The amount of glares she was getting off women, older, younger and of a mutual age was disturbing. More than usual anyway.

It was because she was with him.

Brendan, with his suave looks, mischievous grin (that didn't appear often) and mysterious eyes that seemed to sweep over everything, and everyone in the vicinity.

They stopped walking as they came across an old coffee shop. With a quick, uncertain glance at Brendan, Aurora entered.

The door opened with her push, a chime of metal sounded, signalling her entrance.

The customers and employees both looked up at the new arrivals.

It was an odd spot for a couple to come; the old coffee shop on the high street.

"Over there," Brendan whispered into Aurora's ear, a gloved hand pointing over her shoulder to a booth at the back of the cafe.

His breath was light against her revealed throat, swarming on her cheek in a manner that made blush creep there tenderly, the closeness of his ripped body, pressed up to her own body, made chills fall not-so elegantly down her back.

Nodding through her blush, Aurora made her way over to the table, sidestepping passed two elderly women that spilled over their chairs. She fell down into the cushion seat of the booth.

"Elegant," Brendan commented, interested in the blush that rose in her cheeks and sitting down opposite her.

"I don't need commentating thank you very much," she said dryly, all though her blush broke her demeanour.

"I'm sure you don't," he said quietly, an eyebrow rising softly. "You know, you never told me why we needed to talk,"

She sighed for what seemed the millionth time that day. "I'm sure you know why,"

He shrugged lazily; he made that look like choreography though. "I think I have a hunch."

"Care to-"

"What would you to like?" came a monotone voice.

Looking up, the pairs eyes' fell onto a skinny teenager. Her sandy coloured hair was scraped back into a scruffy bun, acne falling upon the teenager as if it was meant to be there. Her clothes hung limply on her frame, an apron doubled tied around her fat-lacking body.

"Um, yes," Aurora muttered, grabbing a menu hastily from the end of the table.

"We'll have two coffees," Brendan said smoothly, flashing his to-die-for smile at the cocky teenager.

"Is that all?" the girl asked, fluttering her eyelashes at Brendan.

Aurora saw red. "Yes, that's all, thank you," she said shortly, glaring at the young girl.

The girl looked startled at Aurora, taking a step back from the booth before scuttling off into the kitchen behind two swinging doors.

Aurora shook her head, trying to rid it of her jealousy while Brendan smirked.

"What was that?" Brendan asked, leaning forward and weaving his fingers together.

"What?" Aurora asked, leaning back against the booth seat.

"Flipping on the nice young lady who was serving us?" Brendan suggested, a small shrug taking his shoulders.

"I didn't," Aurora snapped, looking away from him.

"Then why can't you look me in the eye?" he asked, tilting his head.

"Shut up," she muttered, head lowered.

Brendan grinned. He slid around the edge of the booth silently, so that Aurora wouldn't look up.

"Listen," he murmured, his lips an inch from her clothed shoulder.

Aurora gasped and jumped up, eyes meeting with Brendan's quickly.

"I want-" he undid her coat button with the tips of his fingers, pulling down her coat to reveal her shoulder, "-you to know-" he kissed her collarbone softly, "-that I-" his breath was finding its way under her coat, warming her chest, "-that I-" he repeated, kissing along the dip of her collarbone, "-I think I-"

"Here are your coffees," said the monotone voice again.

Aurora glanced up at the young girl, who looked slightly crestfallen. The girl walked off, shoulders slumped while Aurora looked down at the delicious man that was seducing her.

"Brendan," Aurora breathed, not noticing how her breathing had become shallow. "Stop this,"

Brendan rubbed his lips against her shoulder again. "Stop what?" he whispered to her pale skin.

"This... this nonsense!" she hissed.

Brendan chuckled lightly, looking up at Aurora who seemed rather flustered. "You know Aurora," he murmured. "I think you're the only woman who has ever tried to resist me."

"Tried?" Aurora responded. "I am resisting you."

"So you admit that it's a struggle?" Brendan quietly added in, straightening up.

Aurora hitched up her coat, feeling slightly exposed. "Not at all."

The End

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