It was his final time

He was very naive, very simple; the simplicity possibly sparked from his naive nature. He seemed to have a serious trouble with relationships. In fact, he had such a problem, he felt rather rejected and alone. The closest he reached to a relationship was torn from him on that very same day that his love returned.

Just one slip and it was all over.

His excitement was certainly there; he was ready to welcome back the one he loved. He started as early as he could, starting up the computer at eight o'clock. He waited until eleven o'clock, waiting for her to message. Desperately waiting. He wanted to speak to her so desperately, so stupidly. His town journey wasn't to last long.

He returned from town, expecting his answer.


Not even a simple greeting, a small hello.

His heart was aching under his t-shirt as he continued waiting for her to message. He waited for an hour. Again, nothing. He could feel the disappointment creeping up on him. That sour feeling that things aren't going to work out the way he hoped.

For four hours he left his computer to go on a car journey. A long car journey. He thought he would've atleast heard something from her by that time. It was approaching six o'clock. He raced to the computer, forgetting food and drink. She meant more then that.

Or so he thought.

He finally realised how the world turns a harder shade of black. His heart becoming nothing more then a cold monument, desperately pumping around the blood. He knew she had been online. But she didn't message. He could feel his past creeping back on him, but he had to be sure.

He checked a few sites and learnt of another possible truth. One truth that tears all people up, men and women. This was one of these moments. One boy was all it took to raise our poor character's suspicions into her loyalty. He felt shaken and used, alone once again.

He knew that from that point onwards, he would have to face the world of couples once again alone.

His eyes filled at that thought, remembering how difficult it was before; but now, he would face it after yet another let down. It opened his chest just like that, creating a hole as big as a football. A void that couldn't be filled. He was alone once again and he had no choice but to continue. He had no real life anymore, but at least he decided to salvage what he could, even if it was small.

He had no more excuses to feel proud. He was alone, no longer with his dream partner, his necessity for life. He was giving up on living as a person. He became a ghost, a nobody.

People asked whether he was okay, if he needed any help. He just simply shook his head and held his tongue. His speaches were over from that point onwards. He couldn't stand hearing his little voice torture him more.

He was a lost person, becoming a piece of the scenery. He began shying away from questions he couldn't answer. He just held the hole in his chest hoping it would close up. But it grew every day, threatening always to open him fully.

He was from that point onwards lost.

The End

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