The night is beautiful

It was ten PM across London's high town, the house party now blaring into the streets. The inside of the house looked almost as bad as the outside, with people drinking heavily and landing within a few meters of the nearest drain to "let out their insides," as Billy had called it.

He wasn't kidding.

Gerry was only sixteen at this time and still under-age for drinking. He didn't come to th party for that though. Instead he came for the chance to sit on the roof terrace, under the stars and the new moon and gaze wonderously into the distance.

He wasn't big in life; infact, he was but a humble sound engineer, recording solo singers and groups as they made their way to glory. He didn't really mind. He was happy to be someone with just about enough money; it meant he would never have the opportunity to act like he takes premise.

He stayed there for the rest of the night, sitting on the highest part of the roof, happily amused at the small lights. Alone. Or so he thought. In the stair-well, he could hear the tiny tip-tap of small feet creeping up each step. He guessed it was for a prank.

Instead he was stunned. A young woman no older then eighteen, stepped outside and checked around at the scenery. She didn't catch a glimpse of Gerry. She moved towards the edge of the two story house and sat on the bench, looking out over the London eye.

It was lit up that night, commemorating an anniversary. The water beside it reflected the lights, making both the water and the sky light up.

Gerry climbed down from the roof silently and leaned against the wall.

"It's nice, isn't it?" He asked, the young girl jumping up and looking towards him. It was almost like he had jumped out at her.

She stood still, her dress flowing in the wind. She seemed to be waiting for something more then that sentence, but Gerry said nothing. Her voice was soft.

"Y-y-yes, it is," she managed to stutter.

Gerry moved steadily over to her, looking up at the sky. She turned back to the scenery as well, looking at how the water made the lights dance. They didn't speak at all. Instead they just watched the scenery as the night passed by. It went on for nearly half an hour before Gerry decided to introduce himself.

"I'm gerry." He said, looking at her as he said it.

She turned from the scenery and faced him, looking into his eyes. Perhaps it was the way she looked at Gerry, but he looked away. Perhaps he didn't realise that he was already feeling more for her then just a friendship.

"Kita." She answered, a sympathetic smile emerging on her face.

Gerry looked at the scenery hoping that she would do the same.

It didn't.

He peered round and caught her eyes again. He didn't look away this time. Instead he looked at her directly.

"It's a nice night." Gerry said, not losing his focus on Kita for a second.

She nodded and leant back on her thin fingers. It was not the blue moon that made that night special, or the stars, or the big wheel. It was that energy wave that ran through them both.

They moved closer, their lips slowly pressing together. Gerry and Kita, together.

As one.

The End

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