[This is a sequel to a different short story I wrote in this challenge.  The one before THIS one is "Out The Window"]

Marie tiptoed through her house, expecting her parents to wake up at any moment.  She shuddered as the old staircase creaked on the third step.

Once everything was silent, she could hear her dad snoring in his room.  She relaxed, and quickly climbed the rest of the stairs and ran into her room.  "Yearbook...," she muttered to herself, and went to her overstuffed bookshelf.

Since he was enrolled when pictures were taken, the boy had to be in the yearbook.  Flipping through the pages, she finally reached her home room, and almost immediately recognized his face.

Underneath the picture, it read in bright bold letters, "Harvey Acoloff"

High above the city, Harvey Acoloff examined the patchwork quilt of a town below him.  The city was bright, and most empty space was filled with farms.  Only in those places could you actually see the stars in the dark sky.  Behind him, in the tall dilapidated apartment building he'd called home, room 504 would be vacant tonight, and for more nights to come.

The only one who would even have a clue was Marie.  He clenched his hands into fists.  The very thought of her name brought fear, a fear he'd been feeling for months now.

It was an unexplainable fear, but one strong enough to force him to flee his new life.

Now, Marie was a part of it...

"Harvey Acoloff," Marie said awkwardly.

She remembered on the first day of school, he was one of the few new kids.  Usually, the kids in her class always tried to befriend the newcomers right away, but not with Harvey.  He kept to himself, sitting in the back corner of every classroom, always slouched over his work.  Almost every day, he was at least five minutes late, but the teachers never gave him a tardy slip.  Eventually, after only a week, he just dropped out.  No explanation, no transfer.. nothing.

Everyone knew he didn't have parents.  Everyone wondered who, exactly, was there to take care of Harvey Acoloff.

He took care of himself.

Marie... I can't leave her.  Something's going to happen, and soon, Harvey thought, and quickly spun around in the air.

Three hundred feet above the town, Harvey started to see the brighter lights that gave away his street.  HIs wings flowed against the air rhythmically, and his heart pounded nervously.  There was no plan for him to follow, only instinct.  It seemed Marie played a bigger part in this than he'd originally thought.

Descending closer to the ground, he saw Marie's window, and lowered himself directly in front of it, ten feet away.  Reaching into his pocket, he grabbed a quarter, and tossed it against the glass.

Marie looked up from the book, startled.  Outside her window, fairly far away, she saw a vague outline of a person, and a faint shimmer of white.  Sliding the old window up, a cool breeze entered her room.  "Hello...," she said quietly.

Harvey came closer to the house, so close that his wings brushed against the chipped paint.  He tucked them in, close to his body, and tumbled through her window and landed on the carpet with a soft thump.  "Hi."  He stood, and sat on her bed, stretching his sore arms.

Marie stared at him, and he stared back.  She glanced at the digital clock on top of her green bedside table.  "It's almost midnight, you know.  A little late to be going around town."

Harvey smirked a little.  "Also a little late to be eavesdropping."

"You have to explain."  Marie sat down next to him, the old mattress creaking under their combined weight.

Harvey sighed.

The End

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