The Worlds Best Best Friend

I pushed open the apartment door, closing it behind me and desperately searching for her.

Where was she? Where was he, actually? Where was everyone?

What was she thinking? Pushing him away like that?


The sound of the toaster popping alerted me.

The kitchen.

I jog gently into the kitchen, my sweats suddenly feeling heavy as if they wanted to keep me behind.

I see her.

She seems to have lost all hope. Stood there, her hair hanging limply around her face. She was still dressed in her pajamas at six o'clock for God's sake!

I scowled at her.

And I don't know why. She was so ... dependant on him, and look where it got her.

Someone who used to be so composed, that I idolised her, was now making getting toast a depressing task.

My best friend, crumpled.

By a boy, no less.

But my 'love' senses were tingling. The love was still between them.

I watched as she turned around, spotting me as I looked at her with sincerity.

"I-" she started, but I shook my head.

"Listen to me for five seconds," I said quietly.

I saw her nod and bite her lip, tears bubbling at those massive eyes of hers.

"You're my best friend," I said sternly, "so I'm not going to let you do this to yourself."

She opened her mouth in shock.

"I could do what other people are going to suggest and go out and get drunk with you. But I know that won't help you in the long run."

She closed her mouth and nodded, the tears spilling over.

"You are going to go over to his house, tell him how you feel before he goes, because God dammit! If you don't, I swear I will! I know you love him, and don't you dare deny it, I can feel it! I can see it when you look spitefully at each other, when he told us all he was leaving, and definitely when you argue. Don't you see how bloody obvious it is?!"

She looked down, seemingly in thought.

"I don't want you to throw away this love that everyone else craves for,"

I thought of her, and him. Their petty arguments that made me laugh so hard, their moments where they thought no one was looking; when everyone was, and especially when they 'accidentally' danced with each other.

"And, please don't make my best friend upset; too many people would suffer from it."

She looked up, the tears tumbling over her eyelashes and dripping off them so callously that it made me want to cry myself.

And that was the day that my best friend finally realised something; I was the worlds best, best friend.

The End

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