Out The Window

Out the window he went.

Plummeting through the chilled nighttime air, Harvey thought of one thing, and one thing only.


Quickly snapping his huge feathery wings open, he halted a mere foot away from the concrete ground.  Harvey hovered there, carefully lowering his bare feet to touch the sidewalk.

Across the street, staring out of a small window in a small room on the second story of the smallest white house, Marie gawked at the angel standing directly in front of her.  Her hand swept the curtain further to the side, her eyes following him as he walked down the street.  Once he was out of sight, the curtains fluttered back in place, and Marie scurried out the back door.

Opening the fence and running to the front lawn, Marie could again see the boy, still walking away.  He could be no younger than she was, yet no older than seventeen.  His dark brown hair was cut sloppily in a short, messy style, contrasting with his stark white wings, which were folded against his back.  It made it look as though he had bad posture.

Harvey stopped at once.  He sensed a person, somewhere near.  Staring ahead unblinkingly, he saw no one.  He swiveled around on one heel, and immediately saw who it had been.  Marie.

Marie halted, thirty feet away from the boy.  Something about his face... she'd seen it, many times.  This was no angel.

Neither person moved for a long time.  Slowly, cautiously, Harvey turned back around, and started walking away again, this time faster.  Marie moved with him, her stride just a bit longer than his.

"What are you doing?"  He didn't turn around or stop stepping, but was sure she could hear him in the dead silence of the night.

"I... I don't know," Marie stuttered, getting closer to him.

Harvey stopped.  Marie stopped.  He turned his head slightly, seeing her body highlighted in the bright streetlamp, her slightly frizzy blond hair forming a pale circle around her face.  "Please, go away."

"No," she huffed.

"What is it you need to know?"

She moved closer, and Harvey twitched, but didn't move away.  A couple of feet from him, she looked into his eyes.  "Where are you going?"

"Around."  He averted his eyes to his feet.  "Why were you watching me?"

Marie reached an arm out, her fingers stretching towards his back, but stopped a few inches from the wings.  She laughed, once.  "Who wouldn't want to see this?"

Harvey moved away quickly, but only to distance himself from her hand.  His eyes were pained.  "No one can know, Marie.  No one."

She stared back at him, confused.  "I don't even know your name.  How do you-"

"Good memory."  He heard a car in the distance.  "I have to go."

On either side of him, a bird-like wing unfurled into a brilliant white masterpiece, almost shimmering slightly in the darkness.  "I'll see you again."

Without another word, he leaped into the air, his loose jeans pushed back in the sudden gust of wind, but secured by his tight black belt.  Marie watched as he climbed higher and higher into the sky, then drifted away in the breeze.

She knew him, from school.  He was only there a week.  Oh, why couldn't she remember his name?  Marie stood, gazing at the stars, until she was sure he was gone, then started walking away, and back into her home.

Above the city, Harvey frowned.  He didn't look back, not even once.  His thoughts were a mess.  He'd had no intention of returning to this city.. before she'd come along.  One word was on his mind, and one word only.


The End

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