Wednesday, 2:46

Here we go.

Roxanne - girl with shortish browish hair (and do use that description in the book, might seem funny to reader). Greeny-yellow eyes. Unknowingly possesses magical abilities. Lives with single mother, frequently stressed. Birthmark on right shoulder, slight synesthesia (mustr research)

Professor - old crabby man with small amount of white hair, glasses, moustache. Skilled mechanic and magical tutor. Lives in vast underground cavern system, spends much of his time fighting monsters.

(go on Youtube, put on 'lux aeterna')

This should get me in the magical mood... now I need a villain, maybe with a pack of minions or monsters... also I think the professor needs a name.

Or maybe not! A bit of mystery would be good. OK, I'll just call him the Professor.

Or maybe he has a name, but I just call him the Professor in the book, even though the reader knows his name.

(sit and listen for a bit) 

I always think this music finishes in the middle.

Right. So, a villain. I think I should have a female villain - there are a few too many male villains in books... they're all really similar to Voldemort as well, which is slightly odd.

Maybe I should go away and do some drawings of the characters, then I can get a good picture of them in my head.

Nah, I'll do that later. Less thinking, more writing.

So this villain...

Villain - definitely female. Would be interesting if she had no powers, only weapons and minions...

I have a great idea!


Nobody's written about sphinxes as a storybook monster before... unless you count the one that asks the riddle in Goblet of Fire...

Shut up. No. Stay away from Harry Potter. Must make my story as much my own as possible. No borrowing.

Still, I can keep the sphinxes idea, can't I?

Right, gotta go shopping with Dad now. Will write more later.

The End

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