Wednesday, 2:30

OK, it's been exactly three hours since I thought of the name Roxanne. Now I think some more story and character development is in order.

Maybe it should be a story about magic. Then I can just type stuff and not worry about whether it's accurate, research endlessly on the internet etc.

Did I just hink the word etc? That was weird.

OK. So Roxanne is our protagonist. Now she needs a, er, magical tutor. With a moustache! Maybe a kind of oldish magical guy, professor of the secret magical arts, or maybe just a professor.

He needs glasses to make him look wise.

I should write all this down.

(Type type type)

OK, here's a brief character summary.

Mainish character - old professor and magical tutor guy. Has glasses, small amount of white hair and a moustache. Maybe slightly crabby old man, could lend weight to his character.

Because I think you need a good strong outward personality trait to start a character off. I wish I was good enough at writing to create a really complex character, like TV's Gregory House. But I'm not that clever. Boo hoo.


He is skilled at mechanics and stuff like that... he has, erm

Ooh I know what!

He lives in an underground cave type thing because, he has to learn to survive in dreaful surroundings.

I smell a monster infested underground cavern system. Is that too predictable?

Oh who cares. I just need to get started on writing. So I have a physical description of the old man... I think of a name in a bit. But now I need one for Roxanne.

I think she should look slightly unorthodox, just to get the reader's attention. There are too many stories with long, dark haired girls I think. So maybe she has blue eyes... maybe a blonde Roxanne? A ginger Roxanne?

Maybe she's a goth, black hair and a blue streak in the fringe.

No, maybe not. (Delete delete delete)


Roxanne - girl with not too long hair. Maybe brownish (that's nice and bland and unglamourous.) But not too plain looking. Maybe a bit normal, so the readers can relate but not totally boring either. Maybe she has a strange birthmark or a tattoo.

No forget that.

Roxanne - girl with not too long brown hair, blue eyes and, er, carries a special keyring with her all the time. Her Dad gave it to her shortly before he died...

Oh God no. (Delete delete delete)

Urgh... I'm juyst gonna slump down on the keyboard for a while now






Well now I'm just hitting the keyboard with my head. That's not good.

The End

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