Where do you get your inspiration for your writing? What things help you write? Why do you write?


I draw my inspiration from things that I "see" in my imagination. Often times with me these things are very bleak city scapes, dark mountain forests; always cold, gray, and usually raining. The characters are often depressing, people who are critical of their actions or disillusioned with something part of their everyday life. The key flaw with the way I get my ideas for writing is how they often don't have a true "plot", maybe just an idea of how the story will be part way through, but without any idea for a start or finish to it.

I often listen to music that carries the same mood as what I am trying to write, or I look at photos (of items that the character interacts with, or settings similar to what I imagine).

I don't really have a true reason for why I write. I have so many ideas, so many things running around in my head that sometimes I just want to write, but I can never get anything down on paper (or typed up) when I sit down to write.

The End

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