*Writes Sins As Tragedies*Mature

It's a disease...It slowly breaks down the body and turns the heart to ice. There is no way to escape from it...for it is the punishment one receives from God for falling in love with an immoral being.

I never thought that the reason my father had to suffer for years until he finally took his last breath was because he was in love with the only person who could make him happy after my mother left us. My father was a strong man, not in the physical sense, but in the psychological sense. No matter what happened he would always have a soft smile on his face, no hateful words ever left his mouth; he never raised his voice above a low speaking level, and was always helpful towards others, no matter who they were.  He never did wrong by me, always made sure to spend time with me, made sure I ate properly, kept clean, and stayed true to our morals. I wish I could be like my father, but every time I hear someone slander his name, for loving someone and dying, for loving another man and dying, I can’t help but raise my voice and shout hateful words full of spite with a hideous scowl on my face. I try, and try. Most of the time I succeed, but I cannot keep the thoughts away from my head. I wonder what kind of person the man that my father loved was, I never met him, so I wouldn’t know. My father always said that he was the opposite of him, brave, not afraid to say what was on his mind, always sticking up for himself and others, strong, able to take down anyone in his way. My father and the man my father loved, whom I deemed fit to call dad since it suited him and he made my father happy, met each other on the train. Well, sort of. My father was dragged off the train by a man and into an alley around the way; I’m telling you my father was a beautiful man. Well, anyway, my father resisted and was kneed in the stomach when he fell to the ground; he was pulled back up harshly by his hair. The man was a few inches away from my father’s face, when, someone pulled the man away from the guy and kicked him unconscious. My father was wheezing on the ground attempting to get up when a man offered him a hand and helped him up, it was my dad.

The End

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