[Writer's block] Bittersweet finale

[Written by Valeo]

He reached out again and he held her tight. He held her close. But because of the circles they've only been running she realized that just as close as he was, he was just as distant. The strictly calculated infinite despair finally settled in her heart. So along with all of her hopes and struggles to just understand their progression to this moment, she dropped her embrace.

He looked at her strangely unwavering eyes and knew it was time to go; to never regret.

"I have to go now, Goodbye..." The heaviness in how he said her name was so evident. It weighed on his brooding shoulders like a pile of boulders. She understood because the same weight was resting on her chest.

The gravity of it finally became too much to bare and her tears flowed unrestrained as he faded into the dark.

All those years spent thinking that they knew each other. All those years of faith thinking that the future would be kind to them. All those years spent holding each others hands through the tough times.

All of them only left them as strangers now. The years apart would change her. Change him. Both people would be able to start a new and better life.

Truly bitter. Truly sweet.

The End

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