[Writer's block] Bittersweet pt. 7

[Written by Virus Vixen]

"I'll always care for you..." He started again, making her gaze shift back into his eyes. He gave her another smile, and for a moment she found herself remembering the late nights at the old pier, the early morning coffee trips just before work, the midday calls...

She found herself remembering it all, the bitter, the sweet, the bittersweet.

"But you know we can't go on..." And though she knew he would say those words, it didn't make hearing them any easier.

Her heart fell, her pulse slowed and her eyes watered. Hearing them, made them so much more real then she realized. Hearing them hurt her more then she realized.

For a brief moment she wondered if they could go on. Could they learn from their many mistakes and find a way around the pain? Could they embrace each other without the insecurity and wonder? Could they kiss each other without the bitter taste haunting them? But most importantly...

Could they love each other as much as they did before?

As she looked into his deep honey eyes, she knew she had always known the answer.

"I know..." She whispered. But even knowing, even understanding that they couldn't go on, that they couldn't get past it all didn't make leaving any easier.

It didn't make saying Goodbye any less bittersweet.

The End

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