[Writer's block] Bittersweet pt. 6

[Written by Valeo]

She looked at the ground and swayed a bit. Unsteady like an acrophobic staring down at her death. It was a long way for her to fall again. He felt her face fall away from his and tightened his hands gently in case she fell again. But she pushed him away to avoid his gaze. But something about the moment drew her eyes into his, despite how hard she fought to stare into the cracks in the concrete.

"Don't be like this..." He stole the worlds straight from her mouth.

"Don't be like this, it'll only make things harder for you..." he hesitated to finish the end of his sentence "...You and me"

Expecting to see a distant facade when she finally met his eyes. But instead she was met with an ever softening expression. This moment was slowly becoming more reminiscent of their first night together.

Right then, all of her chaos seemed to be still. A calm in the storm; the moment when Pandora realized that after all the despair and pain there was only hope left.

But for how long? She tried her best to shake the false security as she tried her best to forget that he was leaving.

This moment was more bitter then his slow departure from her life.
This moment was just as sweet as waking up next to him after a nightmare.

But for how much longer will this nightmare last? Would he still be there when she woke?

"I love you..."

The End

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