[Writer's block] Bittersweet pt. 4

[Written by Valeo]

"Are you OK?" he asked

What was she supposed to say? Yes? No? Would he stay if she said yes? What about no?

"Yes" She mustered out as she propped her self back up and even though she had finally let go of his arms, the warmth of his security lingered on her finger tips and traveled to her heart...

He continued

"Do you remember the second time we met after that? I do, it was great and the third then the forth. After that our second month. Then it easily became our first year."

"Why are you saying this all to me? I thought you were leaving me." The warmth slowly fading, no, not fading but ousted by her worst fears.

"Don't antagonize me, this is just how things became. I'm saying these things to avert your bitterness. Just because things have to end here doesn't mean any of the things we felt together weren't real. I just want you to know it's OK to move on because I am."

"How am I supposed to accept this?!" She said with a hint of impulsive frustration. As she could not hold her tongue back anymore her withheld tears began to flow.

Dare she say she still loved him?

The End

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