[Writer's block] Bittersweet pt. 3

[Written by Vixen Virus]

But it was different this time his eyes weren't as soft as they used to be; his smile wasn't as encouraging as it used to be. Her hands held tight on his arms, as if afraid he would leave, but that was the truth, wasn't it?

He would leave.

She straightened herself, willing her hands to let go but they wouldn't.

Was this really the end? Was this where the years of love had brought them? As she looked from his lips to his eyes and finally to the ground she couldn't help but grow frustrated.

How could feelings fade? How could love fail? How could they not be together forever? How could...

How could such sweetness turn into something so bittersweet?

And as she stood there in this awkward embrace, half letting go and half holding on, she couldn't help but notice how this was always how it would be. They would always be holding on, all the while letting go.

Because he was someone she could never let go of. For him, she would always be half holding on.

The End

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