[Writer's block] Bittersweet pt. 2

[Written by Valeo]

They were distant, yes, caring; now a thing of the past, but the it was both undeniably sweeter than bitter when they both called each others names.

They locked their champagne eyes; swirling into an intoxicated mess. Both their hearts pounding fast minds; chaotic

She wanted to scream; but it was too gentle to leave her throat. She wanted to cry her thoughts out but held her tears and her tongue...

Even if her knees were feeling weak she kept her guard, but then he spoke...

And at those words she broke down. She held on to her guard only to realize that she was just tearing it down with her. Without any choice her knees buckled, her mind lost and her inhibitions not worried where she found herself.

It was like falling in love all over again.

There he was; arms and caress.

The End

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