Day One: Internal Ramblings

A simple story of every day life for a young aspiring writer. School, romance, friends, family, exams, issues and disputes. * Switches from a first person internal monologue in the first chapter to third person the rest of the way through (except the random snippets of it) *

Writers block, every person who desires to write experiences this phenomenon once in their life, just ask any author, aspiring writer, or even just a random person off the street. I bet they've struggled with writers block before.

This is the day I start something, something which I will finish, eventually. I want to start a compelling story, one which will pull my readers along for the ride and keep them interested.

I wish... I can't even think of a starting point for it! I could start it in a dark forest, where little light can pierce the canopy of trees, and how you can only hear your heartbeat... Or I could start it with a single word, maybe... Danger? I could think of a million ways to lead on from there, here's one: "Danger. It lurked in the shadows which shrouded the corners of the room." I don't like it. I never like anything I write, it makes sense to me but it never makes sense to everyone else.

Isn't it strange how all these thoughts just come crashing through your mind when you're doing something mundane, like standing in front of a mirror while getting dressed or doing your hair. These thoughts are one of the things that drive me mad while writing, especially when you're about to put pen to paper, then you forget everything because a completely unrelated thought comes into your head. Don't you just hate it?

"Come on! You'll be late for school!" Speaking of distractions...

"I'll be down in a minute!" I guess it's time I actually start concentrating on the day ahead of me, rather than my internal ramblings.

The End

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