Writers block

I cracked my knuckles for what seemed like the thousanth time.

Jackie, it's been four hours and yet there's nothing on the screen!

I sigh and lean back in my chair.

DING! The computer beeps at me.

"what now?" I groan opening my e-mail.

Mum has been sending me messages all day, wondering how im doing. She just set up an email account and is now addicted. When i find Chris i willl strangle him for giving mum my email.

Reluctantly i open up my email.

Jack, I WON CRUISE TICKETS!, come with me? my newly single and heatbroken butt needs some girl time. Message me A.S.A.P.

- Jenny


Ugh. I hate girl time, but i guess i need it too. Maybe i will come up with an idea for my novel. I write a quick response.


I'd love too! sounds great! call me when you get this Email.



The End

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