Get On The Road

"Wake up, Cassie," Mother's voice rang down the corridor and found its way into Cascade's ears. She woke with a start and looked around, bewildered. Her eyes came to rest on the little timepiece on the bedside table.

Eight o' clock. Much too late for breakfast.

Well, who cares? she thought. It's a Saturday.

Her mother's voice rang again, sharper this time. Cascade flung back the sheets, smoothed them out, propped up the pillows and rushed into the little girls' room just in time.

Ten minutes later she was downstairs at the breakfast table. 

"I wish you'd hurry up," Mother said. "You've overslept."

"Sorry, mum."

"Well, you'd better make up for it, You've to finish your homework. And go meet Francona for that science assignment."



The End

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