Write Like... Cormac McCarthy

He came to the cliff’s edge by the red light of a sunset like some intangible manifestation of a monstrous emptiness pressing upon the world. The wind its foetid exhalation. He stood there blackening as the sun dipped lower, blackening until he was a dark spot upon a greater darkness. Then he turned and crossed to his horse the dust and stone in a wind like some mendicant wanderer searching for a lost child. In the distance a coyote howled.

I picked McCarthy because... well, his style is outrageous. There is much controversy, especially after The Road's recent resurgence of popularity, regarding his talent as a writer. Some people believe he's a genius, while others consider him a hack. Me, I'm divided. Not all of his digressions make sense, but they are pretty inside my head. I have not read enough of him to actually make a judgement call, but then the rating system inside my head is simply black and white: LIKE or UNLIKE.

Try writing like... James Joyce, Terry Pratchett, or Shel Silverstein 

The End

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