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Starting a story is the easy part. Ending it, is the real challenge. But, what if everything written in that story, was cursed, became history or even, the future? What would you write about? Natalia and her best friends Kristal and Matt have known each other for like, ever! One dreadful night will change their lives for an eternity.

Zoe dashed through the mud and rain into the dark forest, dreading the fact that she chose to wear a dress longer than her legs.
Screams filled the air as well as loud echoeing gun shots that seemed to make Zoe's heart beat faster. She glanced back at the soaking wet road when three men sloshed through the watery road and jumped into the woods. Zoe looked away from the road and straight ahead at the trees and ran. She ran as fast as she could, fore if she didn't she would surely and most definetly die.

As she was running deeper and deeper into the forest someone pulled her off track and pinned her to a tree. A man wearing a black tuxedo, leaning his head down with his long black bangs covering his face had both of his hands on both sides of Zoe. She noticed his chest moving quickly as he panted hard. 

He looked up at her with his hazel eyes and said "Are you okay?" As he talked his sharp canine teeth became fully visible and it was then, when Zoe screamed in horror.

I stared hard at the paper noticing the flaws. The end is all wrong. I thought. It makes the guy seem evil. I squished the paper into a ball and tossed it into the trash can. It bounced off the wall and made a perfect shot inside the can. 

"Aurgh!! Why can't I do this?" I screamed at myself. I rolled onto my stomache on my bed and was startled when I heard the phone ring. I flipped off my bed and rolled off onto the phone. Luckily, there was a phone lying on the floor so I picked it up. 

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hi Natalia! How's that story going?" Asked a young girl.

"Hi Kristal! Well you see, I didn't like it so I threw it out." I replied.

There was a moment of silence. "What do you mean you threw it out?" Kristal asked furious. 

"Well, first I crunched it up into a ball, then I threw it into the trash. Do you want an explanation of trash as well?" I joked.

"Not really." She replied careless.

"Oh. Hey I gotta go, it's getting late. Bye"

"Bye." Kristal hung up. I clicked the phone off then picked myself up off the floor. I dropped the phone onto the charger beside my bed. I collapsed myself onto the bed and rolled over onto my face. Then I switched positions constantly until I was laying on my back under the poofy soft covers. I clapped twice and watched the light in the room fade entirely to black. Then everything went black for me.

I dreamed myself sitting on a horse, holding a sword in my right hand. I was in a wide plain on a battlefield where I saw many brave soldiers fighting to their deaths. Men dressed in black armor were coming from behind me and men in blue armor were coming from in front. For some strange reason, I felt like I had to stop the battle. No warriors seemed to be attacking me though, oddly enough. 

Looking around at where the warriors were I noticed that at their base-which was just a big open space- there were different warriors that stood out from all the rest. The one on the blue side had no armor on nor a shirt but had bird wings sprouting from his back. He had black bangs that covered the top most of his face and there was also a single scar that went straight down his right eye. He was holding a sword in his left hand. The man on the black side had white hair but he seemed to look quite young. He wore strange armor that covered all of his body aside from his head. He was holding a long, black scythe with a red sphere that matched the one on the upper torso part of his armor. They must be the leaders of this war I decided.

I noticed that on the armor of the blue warriors there was a crest of a blue star and on the black warriors armor there was a black sun. Something in me was telling me to chose to investigate the leaders but I felt that I could only chose one.

So which is it? Black sun or Blue star?

The End

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