Chapter Three

“Oh no... Something’s wrong. I can feel it.” Marvin rushed in, his Beauty Blue lay splayed out on the floor. He knelt by her side and rested her head on his lap, running his fingers through her hair and caressing her porcelain face. Such Beauty. The beauty that was his. Finally lying in his arms.

“Oh dear Beauty, there’s no need to be blue...” he checked her pulse, and smiled at her shallow breathing, “I was afraid for a moment. Afraid you may have left me behind...those scissors aren’t bloody. Dear Beauty, what were you going to do?” He looked around as his thoughts escaped freely through his lips. Strands of hair littered the floor and his eyes widened, “Oh... have you lost yourself? Have you lost your heart and the blood in your veins? How could you take Beauty when Beauty is you...? Dear Beauty can you not see? I love you; you can never take that away – Love is Beauty.”

Her eyes flickered beneath their downy lids and she opened them slowly to look up at him with Oceanic orbs, her voice soft as her lips parted, “Love is not Beauty... Love is corrupted; its shadow oversees our lives like a bleak, oppressive cloud. Love is as far from beauty as it can be. I can take beauty. Then no one can take me. Not even ‘Love’.”

The moonlight flittered in through the glazed window, lighting up his Beauty Blue. “But I love you Beauty, my Beauty Blue. I will not let anything happen, for I don’t think that you can take Beauty, for Beauty is you.” He helped her to her feet.

“I can take it! It is mine! I will take it!” Her hand gracefully swished before her, making her point clearly as her voice rose. “Just watch!” She strode across the floor, like a swan gliding over water and picked up the silver scissors. She held the blades to her long, brown locks.

“Beauty, no... no you can’t,” the words were just a faint whisper against the night. Everything was still and quiet.


“I can’t do it...” her hand fell to her side, “I can’t do it, I just-” she looked up at him and he took her head in his hands.

“Beauty, this is not you. You are the great dancer I saw when I was younger, the one that twirled into my mind and has danced there ever since. You are not this! You are the embodiment of beauty... you cannot escape that. It is your fate. It is your destiny. You are my soul.” He looked at her as she looked blankly back. She had no idea where she was, or even, who he was, but his words touched her. They got beneath her flawless skin.

“But... I am flawed! I am a piece of junk! A doll that is damaged or cracked is not wanted! It is flawed... I can’t live without being able to beat what has a hold of me. If I can’t take beauty... who will be there to take me?”

The End

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