Chapter Five

"What? What? I'm not hearing any more excuses! And you, miss amnesia, you have become nothing but trouble for me," screamed the man in the white suit.

Nora gulped before finding herself saying, "He was not supposed to die."

Her voice was calm, firm and unwavering and she looked at him straight in the eye, while he took a long puff at his cigar. He took a few steps towards her until he stood a few inches away then blew the smoke into her face.

"Who. was. not. supposed. to die? Huh?"

Nestor glanced at Quinn nervously while Nora closed her eyes momentarily from the effects of the smoke. Corneo was a ruthless man and he did not like anyone to question him, let alone accuse him of anything. She knew that she was in for a rough ride but for some reason she was not frightened. It was all coming back to her now. She was ready to face up to the mighty Corneo.

"Guys, let's just go and finish the job now," Nestor grabbed Nora and moved her nervously from Corneo's stare so that he was now standing in her place.

Corneo chewed on his cigar and continued puffing circles of smoke up into the air as he watched the three of them closely. After a few moments which seemed to drag on and felt like eternity, Corneo stepped back, pointed a finger at Nora and said, “You will pay for this. Mark my words. You will pay for this.”

He walked out of the door and the trio were left in a cloud of smoke. Quinn looked at Nestor then at Nora and shook his head.

“What are you guys waiting for?!” cried Quinn, “We have a job to do or are you two prepared to get die?”

There was no response from either of them. They just stood there like stony figures, expressionless and lifeless.

“I’m outta here!” said Quinn as he stormed past them, “I’m not prepared to suffer the consequences and you both know what I mean! You guys are on your own.”

Nora slowly walked toward the table in the centre of the room and sat down, watching Nestor carefully. She searched his face for any feature or a nuance that would jog her memory back further. She wanted to remember the happier times but she knew that their fate would be death and preferred not to remember.

“So when were you planning to do it? In fact, I want to know the details of how you were going to do it.”

Nestor frowned, “What the hell are you talking about!” He walked away as far away from her as he could.

“When. Were. You. Planning. To. Kill. Me. Leo.”

Nestor swallowed hard. He tried to find something to say but knew that he was cornered.

“This job was never about taking out the leader was it? This was all about taking me out.”

“Nora, you’re delirious. My name is Nestor. I told you Leo was my code name.”

“Oh yeah? The same way I was de-li-ri-ous when I found about the fact that you were a double agent? That car crash was no accident. Funny how you managed to walk away from it unscathed. How you conveniently happened to have a double. No. That car crash was orchestrated so well. The only thing is that you failed in your mission. I lived and, you died.”

Nestor pulled out his gun and stretched his arm out, angling his body as he pointed it at her.

“You were not supposed to live.”

“Well I did.”

“But not for much longer,” said Nestor as he fired the gun.

Nora was expecting him to shoot any moment and her training kicked in. She found herself somersaulting through the air. The bullet hit her shoulder and she landed an inch away from Nestor. In one swift move she grabbed his gun and pointed it at him. Nestor stared at her in disbelief slowly raising his arms.

“Now, Nora, hand me that gun. I won’t hurt you. Let’s not do anything rash.”

“You’ve had your time, Leo. Now it’s your time to die for real.”

Nora did not give Nestor a chance to respond and fired a shot, aiming at his heart, “This one’s for breaking my heart.”  She fired another one aiming at his head, “And this one’s for messing with my head.”

Nestor collapsed on the ground in a heap.

Nora walked out seconds later not even stopping to look at her dead partner’s body. She was on a quest to find Corneo and she knew where she was heading. She had to find him to tell him that she had completed her job. Her mission had been to kill this double agent and she had done just that. It was time for her to return to the squad.

When she reached her destination, Corneo was waiting for her and by his side stood Quinn.

“Corneo, it’s done.”

“You’re wrong, Nora.” Quinn was speaking now.

“What do you mean?”

“You failed.”

“But he’s dead I killed him. It’s done. I’ve completed my mission and I want to come back in.”

A loud laugh broke through the conversation between Nora and Quinn, “It’s too late for that now, miss amnesia.”

Nora was silent.

“You exposed us. And you are of no use to me anymore.”


A shot rang through the air as Quinn fired his weapon at Nora. Corneo leaned over Nora as she slumped on the ground, her breathing forced, pain shocking her system.

“You were the target all along.”

The End

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