Chapter Four

Nestor’s phone started ringing – Mission impossible theme tune.

“Yes,” he replied, “Yeah I know I’m late – Of course, we know the deadline is... yes sir, we’ll get right on it – there were just a few hitches...” The dull beep that followed made him hold the phone from his ear. “Ahh, he hung up,” he murmured as he placed the phone back into his pocket. With a wordless nod from Quinn they headed to the bathroom.

Nestor looked at Quinn and both rolled their eyes. Nestor opened a small leather case that he carried with him and opened it. It was lined with a thin sheet in led inlaid with various typical objects from suntan lotion to toothbrushes. But inside he pulled out a bottle of chloroform and a cloth. Quinn however tucked a gun into his pants, another in his leg holster.

They looked at each other and nodded again, it was time to rescue their damsel in distress. They had already hacked into the mainframe earlier, taking the chance to load old security videos over the new ones, ridding them of the evidence the guard had seen of her. They also changed the information to cover their tracks and, while they had chance, stole the sleeping guard’s cup of untouched coffee.

Nestor dampened the cloth with the chloroform disguised in a drinking bottle and walked along, pressing it to the French officer’s mouth as he struggled, before falling into a deep slumber. “Okay... holding bay one... two... three! Here,” Quinn murmured, opening the locked door with the guard’s keys that lay in an even deeper slumber.

“Okay, c’mon. We’re getting out of here,” Nester grabbed her arms, cutting the cuffs with a pair of scissors.

“Wait what did you do? What...” She looked around, “is that a dead body? I’m not going with you! You’re all psychos!” She exclaimed.

Nora pushed him away, shouting at him, “You’re not my Leo! I will not go with you!” She shook her head and sat down on the chair again, ignoring Nestor tugging at her arm.

“You will come with us; all three of us are meant to do this job! C’mon, just like good times,” he smiled, putting his hand into the bag and pulling out a silver colt pistol. He emptied the cartridge and placed one of the bullets in her hand. “Custom made, silver rounds with liquid nitrogen injected into the shells, designed to pop when shot and leak into the bloodstream, killing them wherever they are shot. They’re even...”

“Inscribed with my name – Nora.K,” she nodded, “I- I think I remember... Leo, that car crash...”

Nestor nodded and knelt down beside her, continuing her sentence, “Leo was my codename, the operation went wrong and there was a car crash. I walked away but my body double was in the car chase when it crashed. He was Leo...

She pushed back in the chair, moving away from him as he reached for her hand. She was bewildered, shocked and she didn’t want to admit it, she remembered who she was. This was Rosa, her colt, Rosa. She remembered Quinn and even Nestor but what she couldn’t remember was...

The guy dressed in white, with a black shirt and red tie that stood in the doorway to the office. A cigar hung out of the corner of his mouth, gold rings adorned his fingers and his voice commanded attention of all those that heard it. “Now. What on Earth is going on here?” He boomed.

“Boss! We-”

“Nestor. Shut it. What is happening here, why aren’t you on that rooftop? The job was Quinn takes the guards and the other club members in the lower ground; Nora seduces the leader and takes him outside where Nestor can get a clean shot! Why can you not be trusted?”

Nora  looked at the man, then back to the other two, “Corneo...” She murmured.

The End

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