Chapter Three

“Something on your mind mon amis?”

The way those words were spoken, in that haughty and foreign accent gave me a pretty good guess on which the speaker was. I opened my eyes and closed my fists. I had a pretty good hunch that the Frenchman would be responsible for Alice’s panic. What I didn’t foresee was the muscle that he had brought along with him.

“What the hell did you do Jean?” I demanded, taking a step backwards before one of the gorillas in a suit stepped forward, closing the distance between my and the untrustworthy Frenchman.

“Oh I have done nothing in particular Jake. Only to give you what you have coming after our last mission, partner.” Jean said, no, hissed those words before snapping his fingers. Henchman two made his way past me and into the house, the muffled sound of a woman screaming catching my attention. “I believe that this beautiful and faired skinned woman is the one whom you’ve been seeing since the heist, yes?”  

“Let her go Jean. You know as well as I do that this doesn’t concern her. What happened then was your own fault and you know it.”

“That is a lie! I did my part, tres bein, to perfection! What happened was that your little ‘girl’ made you greedy and you took longer than expected.”

“I served my time for my screw up kid. You on the other hand are still on the run, still dodging the cops because of that boy you hit and left for dead after we were locked up. You didn’t even get your fat old man to bust us out, even with all the dough he brings in doing squat-nothing.”

“Shut your mouth kid.” I grind my teeth when Jean pulls out a gun, a shiny silver revolver with the barrel aimed at Alice’s head. Looking closer I see that she has a cut on her forehead, a clothe over her eyes, and a sock stuffed in her mouth.

“Easy Jean. If you got something against me, fine, take it out on me. The girl there didn’t do anything to hurt ya. Plus you know this isn’t your style. If memory serves me right, you French folk are supposed to be really nice to the fairer sex.” I take a step closer to Alice, whispering, “it’ll be alright, just stay quiet you hear?” When she calms down I turn back to Jean, the young man still holding the gun at her face. “You know you can’t do it Jean. You never saw the boy when you hit him. She, on the other hand, will be something you’ll never get out of your head. Now put that bloody thing away and lets talk, alright?”

“Shut up, shut up, shut up!” Jean waved the gun in an erratic fashion, the barrel moving in a way that makes his henchmen look nervous.

“Easy there Jean, don’t do nothing that you’ll regret.”

“Yeah. We still need to shake the guy up for the coin.”

I raised an eyebrow at the henchman holding Alice. “What coin?”

“The one that was taken from the store you robbed.”

The End

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