Chapter Two

" Did what?", she asked through a sickeningly warm mouthful of blood.

Jorge, high on success and mindless of the rain fell quickly back to seriousness as he realized she wasn't joking. He then attempted to put on a smile to hide from Kimberly her true state, which she saw straight through.

"It's bad, isn't it?". Realizing his mistake, Jorge tried to overcompensate. "Oh, uh... yea. You don't look to good I can't believe I tried that stupid little kid trick on you I mean you're a psychology major. Man I must really have worked to late last night because this has been happening all day.. You know what though this is gonna be fine-"

"- Jorge?", said George in his usual fashion.


"Shut up and go turn off the sprinklers. Then, go call the ambulance- got it?

"Got it. Consider it done. I'll be right back. See you. Bye."

Wait, the rain wasn't rain. Sprinklers, that's what George had said.

Why sprinklers? Was she back in the lab? How? Last thing she remembered, she had been in a gutter.. Why? Ferrell. What was Ferrell?

He had opened the crimson dams that were her veins. Every single one on her arm. And snapped her bone. The result was that a little boy going to visit his poppa on the dam two weeks later would have nightmares for a month about bloody hands in the water trying to kill him, and that Kimberly would at the very least not ever have a real right hand again. At worst, she would die before....

Something important...... what was it..... Something important could take place.

FERRELL! The man would kill them all. Who knew this? Just him and her.

Kimberly was not stupid; even as she drifted back into unconsciousness, lulled by the rocking of the lab and the wail of sirens, she figured out what had happened. This Ferrell character would use her team's invention for his personal gain by killing millions to establish his supremacy on earth, and then make himself king. She would die of blood loss from an "accident" with the dam's machinery- in reality probably a severe beating and the brutal amputation of her once slender hand- and no one would stop him. But as this dawned on Kimberly, so did sleep.

The End

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