Chapter Three

"And you are?" the police officer held his pen and notebook at the ready.

"The Medical Director," Tim sighed, knuckling his forehead. "Tim Rumpskin."

"Can you walk me through what happened?"

Heaving yet another sigh, Tim motioned the officer to follow him. "Well I was here in the fishbowl, sitting as usual."

"Not sleeping?"

"No," Tim nearly growled. "I sent Geoff home early because he looked like he was going to fall asleep. My night shift works in pairs, one on rounds, the other in here, they check on each other, and switch tasks every so often."

The police officer scribbled what looked like chicken scratch in his notebook.

"Anyway," Tim continued, "The patient..."

"Paul Cothridge?"

"Paul Cothridge, had been unruly that evening, biting one of my workers..."

"Who'd he bite?"

"Geoff Lander..."

"The man you sent home for being tired?"

"Yes," Tim was getting annoyed at this repetition of information.

"Was his tiredness due to this bite?"

"No." Tim turned to face the man. "I thought you wanted to know what happened."

"Well we also want to know what kind of health hazard he might pose to the public." The man was un-phased by Tim's irritation.

"Well you can rest easy. All Paul has is a propensity for biting and being Hypoglycemic and last I looked that ain't a blood borne pathogen." Tim allowed himself a small smile at the slightly confused look on the officer's face. "He's a diabetic, officer. Not something you need to worry about."

"But he bites?"

"Yes, he got two more of my Nurses on the way out." Tim gestured to the courtyard where a man and woman in scrubs sported bandages. "He seems to have a liking for elbows."

The police officer peered out of the window and nodded. "Alright so what happened?"

"As I was saying, I was sitting in here," Tim paused, expecting an interruption but the officer kept silent. "The patient had been placed in isolation after his first biting incident. And occasionally I'd glance at the monitor," Tim gestured to the monitor that showed the isolation room, now with a solitary police officer taking prints. "My attention was more focused on the cafeteria, since breakfast was being served. Anyway, half the patients had been seated and since Paul seemed to have calmed down, I had one of my Nurses..."

"One of the ones that got bit?" the officer interrupted.

"No, he didn't touch her, just followed her out of the room like a lamb."

"Right," the officer hastily scribbled in his notebook. "Her name is?"

"Linda Devon," Tim sighed, gesturing to a woman seated on a bench in the courtyard trying not to sob.

"So Linda led him to breakfast, and then what?"

"He sat down and Mary set a tray in front of him. He flipped the tray up into Mary's face, bit her elbow and raced for the door. John tried to keep him from leaving, but before anyone could help, Paul had bit John and was racing outside."

"And you didn't set the sirens off?"

"I tried," Tim said as he stepped to an open panel and pressed the large red button, "But as you can see, damn things don't work and they were tested yesterday."

"Can I see their maintenance records?"

"Sure, but you'll have to talk with Robert Manzelle about that."

The End

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