Chapter Three

"But... What did I do? We come in peace. I come in peace. I really do!!" Deloris screamed at the furry Martians. She turned towards Fluffles and pleaded, "I don't deserve this!! I really don't." And then, on an afterthought, she looked at William and stared at him, hatred almost overpowering her fear.

William stared back at Deloris, unsure if she was trying to tell him something. He pulled his gaze from her and looked at Fuffles close to his face and spoke softly, "This is so uncool. Can't she be, like, sentenced to death along with me..."

Fuffles, who after having cleaned its fur, had stretched itself in the closed cramped spacesuit of William, looked curiously at William.

"...I mean, she did take care of all of us for these years ... including cleaning behind us. Dude, seriously, immediate execution is real nasty stuff."

Fuffles did something that could be best described as a sigh, nodded his head and screamed out, "WAIT!!" The Martians turned towards him, and having got their attention, he cleared his throat and continued screaming "Myuhhr! Murhhr! Murrrh!!" The Martians stopped moving and stared at Fuffles, before they began yowling at each another.

Deloris wondered how the Martians could hear what Fluffy said from inside the suit or for that matter, how could she hear them, but the thought was soon drowned in the cacophony of Martian talk. She looked on at the furry creatures talking animatedly, as Fluffy screeched inside William's space suit.

She shuddered and cringed when over the feline sounds she heard her name being called by William. She had suffered many a nervous breakdowns listening to that voice over the last decade.

"Deloris...? Deloris...? Deloris...? DELORIS?"

"WHAT?" She snapped at William, her eyes blazing in anger.

"Nothing, really. It's just that ...," his voice faded away.


"It's just that... I think... I'll miss you..."

For a moment, Deloris was taken aback, and her anger softened.

"And you look pretty ..."

A look of confusion wrinkled her brow. "Huh? What?"

William rambled on, "I said - you look pretty. I always wanted to tell you that. But you always were too angry and irritated to listen ... I mean ... you just look so totally cool ..."

Deloris interrupted, "What the hell are you talking about, WIlliam?"

William swallowed hard, his eyes moving from side to side. "Um... nothing. I'm just trying to tell you that ... I kinda fancy you. I mean... you were always so hot! I mean... you still are. I just didn't have the guts to tell you that before..."

Deloris could see her reflection off William's visor. A pale bald shadow of her beautiful past stared back at her. She looked through her tired reflection, at William's round earnest face.

"What is the matter with you, William? Why do you complicate everything for me?"

"Nothing is the matter with me!! I just like you, ok? Geez! I'm sorry that this wasted planet had cats with cool armour who my Fluffy can talk to."

"You do realize I am going to be killed here."

"I know. But I just thought ..."

"Thought what? ... We are about to fricking die! And I'm petrified. And you think this is a good time to tell me that you fancy me!!!"

"But... when else?" He looked confused. He peered at her face and added,"And I just think you look nice when you aren't angry! I always wanted to tell you that you shouldn't frown so much ..."

Deloris could feel her head pounding and her blood boiling.

"WE ARE ABOUT TO DIE HERE!!! They are about to KILL US!!! And you are sweet-talking here??? I have spent the last 10 goddamn years of my life hating you, you rich fat spoilt brat!! I wish I could rip your head off your fat body and feed you to these pesky Martian cats!!! ... 7 years of my life training to be stuck with you for 10 years and then finally be at the mercy of your FRICKING CAT and these goddamn Martian cats who want to kill me for apparently no reason!" She turned away.

"But ..." His voice trailed away.

He stared at Deloris, shocked at the rejection, while Deloris stared at red Martian skyline, fuming, yet petrified.

Silence. Even the Martians had stopped talking since the outburst, and all of them now looked inquisitively at both Deloris and William.

Fuffles quietly turned to Deloris. His voice filled the uncomfortable silence.

"I have spoken to the patrol. You are both to come to the palace. And there you shall both be sentenced to death. There will be a trial but I once again only offer to defend William. You are on your own... "

The End

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