"I am Stephanie Moore. Im 23.".

After a few minutes of awkwardness he broke the silence.

"What do you do for a living Stephanie?" He said. My heart nearly melted the way he said my name. When most people call my name its in a boring tone to match my personality. But Andrew... he said my name as if I was exciting, a breath-taking artifact but most of all ... a someone.

I was a bit reluctant answer because he was a complete stranger. But I decided to tell him as he would probably be the last person i would ever talk to.

"I'm a teacher Andrew. In the primary school on Lara Hill.What about you? What do you do?" I replied.

"Well im a writer. I write for the Weekly Mail." he answered in return to my question.

"A writer? Wow... What kind of stuff do you write? Sport?"

"Well no...not sport. I write for the Love Section."

I looked at him a little funny. This god couldnt be gay? Could he? Oh I hoped not. He saw me looking confused and started talking again.

"Im not gay by the way. Most women ask that exactly after I say it." he said laughing.

I dont know why but I was relieved he was not gay. I had my sweet, kind, caring Jeremy so why was I so attracted to Andrew? Andrew. . . Oh Andrew.

"So do you answer the intimacy questions?" I asked cheekily.

He laughed out loud. " No. I write on the section 'What Is Love?'."

"Oh my god! Do you know Susan Nelson?" I said excitedly.

"Yes" he said looking a bit smug but still so overly handsome.

"What is she like?".

"You should know!"

"What? Why?"

"Your looking at her!" he said laughing.

"What?" I asked confused looking around the bus.

He grabbed my chin. Firmly and strong yet gentle and lovingly. I looked into his eyes. He was looking directly back into mine. He took even and out, in and out. My heart started thumping. Faster and faster. My Blood rushed around through my veins. I forgot all my fears, my worries and troubles. It was just me and him. I had never felt like this before. He slowly released his hand.

"Im Susan. I write as her." He said.

"Oh right. I love your work." I said. My breaths uneasy and my voice shaky.

He laughed again for no apparent reason.

As he adjusted his position i thought to myself. Who was Andrew Doyle? Why did he make me feel like a smitten teenager? I wanted to find out everything about him... I had to.

The End

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