I dragged my painful, scarred, bruised and beaten body to the top of the bus. I slowly rocked back and forward. It reminded me of the elephants I had once seen in a zoo when i was 12. I asked my mother why they just rocked all day back and forward, back and forward. She said that because they were stuck all day in a confined space they had nothing better to do. I didnt get it at the time but now i did. I rocked back and forward to distract me from what was really going on.

I was waiting for what seemed an hour when i heard a muffled cough. I looked up. Looking for someone to say that I wasn't the only one alive. I looked and looked but no-one got up or even moved an inch. I looked back down at my feet. I felt so useless. Why was I still here and not someone else? They could probably do something to help get out besides rock back and forward waiting to die.

I had tuned out what everyone was saying outside the bus and focused on my blurry thoughts. What would happen with mom? I was all she had. And what about Jeremy? I loved him so much.

I heard another muffled cough. This time i was sure someone was alive. I started shouting as loud as I could but it only turned out as a whisper.

"Hello? Hello?" I said. "Is someone in here?"

Nothing. Not even a movement. I kept searching the bus. Suddenly I heard that cough again. I crawled as fast as i could through the rubble searching for a hint of life.

I was nearly at the end of the bus when I saw someone strain to move there head. It was the handsome guy I had sat beside.

"H-h-help me" he said as he looked into my eyes.

The End

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