My eyes opened to find smoke and dust everywhere. At first I couldn't see anything until my eyes adjusted and i saw the reality of it  all. There was people lying around unconscious or dead. I tried to convince myself unconscious but i knew different.

My senses had never been great but now they were working overtime. I could feel a surge of pain in my lower leg and the left side of my hip was killing me. I could smell oil and blood. I could hear sirens and people shouting outside of the bus.

I raised my head a little. I looked up to see the roof smashed in and every inch of the bus was at least dented. Looking around I was the only person up. Everybody else lied lifeless around me. I tried my hardest to shout but no-one heard me. My voice sounded tiny. I started  realising that no-one was going to save me and that I was going to die today.

I looked at my arm, which was definitely broken, to see a child lying on my arm. This child couldn't have been more than six. I lifted my arm from under her weight and started poking her softly to try wake her up. I poked her head and as it recoiled I saw her face.  Her sea blue eyes. Her once soft skin that was now covered in black smoke. I looked at her beautiful eyes again. It was like she was staring into my soul.

I cried. For me and that poor child. . .

The End

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