Worth it?

I checked the time and folded my arms. The bus wasnt late I was just early. It was a cold winter morning and as each car passed the old worn out bus stop, each had a frosty windshield. I rubbed my soft pale hands together to try form some heat.

It was a Saturday and I did what I always did on a Saturday. Walk down from my house to the old bus stop and wait for the 117 bus to come pick me up. Every Saturday for 7 years I would get this bus to visit my father. He lived  about 5 miles away.

My mother and father split up when i was five. We were estranged for ten years until he moved back to our hometown. But it wasnt just him who moved back. He had a new wife and two kids Elaine and Summer. My mother never remarried or even went on another date. She was still beautiful at her age and I told her she could have any guy she wanted. She said she was sick of men and she had given up. I knew this was just a cover up. She still loved my father Charlie.

My name is Stephanie and I was named after my Grandfather Stephan who passed away before i was born. My life is pretty plain. I never do anything exciting and i work as a teacher in the local primary school. I call myself plain Jane most of the time because of these reasons. The most exciting thing I have ever done would be getting engaged to my fiance Jeremy. That was great but there is still no date set for our wedding.

As the bus stopped a meter away i took out my boarding pass and hopped on. Martin, the bus driver gave a polite smile and scanned the pass. The bus was full and i was lucky to get the last seat as there was four more stops after mine.

I sat down next to a handsome man. Mid twenties, great looks and he smelt delicious. I took out my phone and started to text my father telling him I was on my way.

As I finished my text I heard a horn honking. Then the bus swirved out of control and into another bus. I heard screaming and crying as i dosed off . . .

The End

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