Chapter I - Meet the sisters



Pandora frowned, crossing her arms in displeasure as her guardian informed her family about the move.

"This is ridiculous," Eloise, her blood sister, muttered into her ear.

She snorted, uncrossed her arms, and leaned against the wall, watching the discussions with cool eyes. "Yeah. Our damn enemies are taking over everything. We should kill them."

Eloise smirked. "There's no need to get violent. We can negotiate."

"And get betrayed? I don't think so." She pushed herself off the wall and began to head to her bedroom. Realizing her sister wasn't with her, she stopped, looked over her shoulder and said, "You coming? We have to pack."

Nodding, Eloise moved her spot and stepped closer to her younger, yet more cynical sister. Throwing an arm around her, she smiled and said, "Who knows? There might be some cute boys where we're going!"

"Do you think about anything else?" Pandora asked, rolling her eyes.

"What do you think?"




Guinevere growled and squirmed in the arms of her best friend. "Let me go," she snarled. "Let me go so I can rip him up!"

Blayze, her best friend, held on tighter so wouldn't escape and transform. "Calm down, Guinn!" he said, grunting when she elbowed him in the gut. "Fighting won't solve the problem here."

"Tell me that after I've killed this idiot!" she snarled, trying once again to lunge forward.

The idiot in question - Pedro - flinched and stammered, "N-Now Guinevere, try not do something you won't regret later. After all, we're all friends, right?"

He flinched again when his answer came in the form of an animalistic roar, and other person from their pack had to help Blayze keep Guinevere down.

"He letting vampires in our territory! We should kill him!"

Another member of the pack sighed and moved forward slowly. With every step she took, Guinn calmed down a bit, and by the time they were face to face, Guinn was breathing harshly, but had stopped trying to escape. Pedro sighed in relief when he saw this. She wouldn't be fired up for a while now.

The girl cupped Guinn's cheeks, smiling slightly when the helf-werewolf shivered slightly. "Are you calm now?" she asked, gazing fondly at her friend.

Guinn frowned and looked away, pouting slightly. "Yeah, I'm alright," she responded. "But I don't get why you're defending him. Shouldn't we be getting ready to fight the vampires?"

"We need their help, and you know that. Now's not the time to act childishly," the girl answered, ruffling Guinn's short spiky hair. We need allies for the upcoming war. I know you're the youngest, so you're the one who has to control yourself more than any of us."

Said youngest werewolf chose not to respond, opting to glare at a rock on the floor. She flinched when the rock exploded into tiny little bits. "I understand, Gillette."

Gillette smiled sadly, reached out again to stroke a bronze cheek and said, "You need time? Don't you?"

Hesitantly, she nodded, looking up with pleading eyes. Sighing as one, the rest of the group silently relented to her request. Blayze gently let the little one out of his arms, muzzling her neck softly.

"Come back to us sister," Gillette whispered, her voice carrying into the might as Guinevere morphed into wolf form and trotted away. "Find peace and come back to us."




"Welcome to your new home. I hope you find it acceptable."

Pandora allowed her eyes to flicker to the silver-haired werewolf who was currently smiling benignly at her coven, and forced her self not to shudder in disgust at the smell wafting off her. Sure, she was a sweet person and all, but it was taking all of her control not to attack the dear thing. And judging by the pained look on Eloise's face, she was having an even worse time, considering she was closer to the pack that stood in the shadows.

"We're very pleased that your clan was able to push back their instinct to attack us and allow us into your territory," Leo Pandora's guardian, said, seeming to be more than pleased with everything.

Gillette's kind smile faded slightly, but she forced it back on quickly, making it unnoticeable to all those who hadn't been watching her the whole time. "Yes, our clan understands the need to make allies with even primal enemies," she responded, "but one of us, a new one, hasn't learnt how to control most of her abilities and instincts yet, so we had to let her go."

Pandora flinched. She didn't want to be the cause of a family breaking up, even if it was a clan of enemy creatures. Her family was the most important thing to her.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Eloise gasped, her eyes tearing up slightly. "We're so sorry that you had to let one your family leave just because of us!"

"Oh, she isn't going to be gone permanently," Gillette laughed. "She just needs some time to get used to the idea. She'll be back in about a fortnight."

"That's a relief," Pandora said truthfully, allowing a small smile to grace pale features. "I wouldn't want to feel guilty about it. I'm new to this myself, and I think I understand how she feels."

If it was possible, Gillette's smile got wider and brighter, as if she had found out something extremely pleasant.

"I guess I should introduce you to the pack, huh?" Gillette mused, beckoning in a hand to the figures standing just out of view.

One by one, three figures, all male, stepped up, all except for the last looking very wary.

The first was what Pandora figured a male werewolf in human form would look like, huge and buff, with a grin that showed sharp canines. He had spiky hair that just brushed his shoulders, but wasn't long enough to be put into a ponytail. She figured that if he grew it out straightened it, he could put it in a ponytail.

The next looked like the twitchy type to her. He was big too, but not as big as the first. He had curly hair that reached his eyes, eyes that glanced everywhere as if looking for the quickest escape root. Pandora inwardly snorted; this guy would do better as a were-rat than a wolf.

The third had wavy hair that covered every part of his face except of his mouth. Raising an eyebrow, she took in his appearance with more interest. He was tall, more so than the buff one, and had the build of a runner, or maybe a swimmer. He gave off a mysterious aura, and that just made more appealing to Pandora's inner fan-girl. Glancing at Eloise, she knew she was having the same thoughts about getting to know this particular werewolf much better.

"This is Blayze," Gillette started, drawing Pandora's thoughts away from the mysterious one back to the huge one. "He's a bit crazy and everywhere, but that just makes him more fun to have around."

Gesturing to the twitchy one, she continued, "That's Pedro. He's our leader." Allowing Pandora to quick an eyebrow and Eloisa to make a strange noise at the back of her throat, Gillette smiled and said, "I know he kind of looks like...well..."

"Was ‘wimp' the word you were looking for, ‘Letti?" the one known as Blayze piped in, grinning broadly.

Gillette glared, then turned back to the vampires and said, "He may seem a bit weak, and when you start to get to know him a bit...stupid, but just me, he's not our leader just because we wanted him to be."

"That broody one there," she declared, "Is Zane. He only talks when he absolutely *must* and I don't think anyone has ever seen his face before. I know he's very appealing, but please, just leave him alone. That's what he likes."

Once again, Pandora glanced at Eloise, and noted that she didn't even seem to be listening to Gillette's request.

"Well, we better be off now. We'll allow you to settle in," she said, walking in long, smooth strides to the door. Before she left though, she turned back to Pandora with a strange glint in her eyes. "I think you and Guinevere will be very close when she gets back."



The now shaggy-haired werewolf bit her lip as she stared at her home. Guinevere hadn't seen this place in almost two-weeks, and that was a lot of time for one to be away from their family. She was eager to see them all...even the vampires.

Taking a deep breath, she pushed the door open, and blinked at the sight that greeted her eyes.

"Surprise!" came a yell from the group that was huddled together, holding a "Welcome Back!" banner. Guinn blinked again, then smiled happily. She dropped her luggage and was bombarded with hugs, kisses, and slaps on the back.

"Man, you don't know how boring it's been without you!" Blayze exclaimed, gesturing wildly with his hands. "And like, what's up with the new hair? Did you like, meet some guy who says he only dates girls with shaggy hair or something?"

Guinn rolled her eyes and bonked him on the head, receiving a whine of protest from her best friend. "Shut up, idiot. You're one to talk. What's up with the ridiculous ponytail?"

Blayze proudly pulled on his long hair and stated, "Pandora says I look great like this. I trust her sense of fashion more than I trust yours."

"I feel so honored, Blayze. Thanks," came a new voice. Guinn's head whipped around and she found herself staring at a mirror image of herself.

The End

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