Worst Friends, Best Enemies

Two half-sisters, one vampire and the other a werewolf, have found each other and now have to live together in peace. But how are they going to do that when they can't stand each other's presence?


The tall dark man walked as quickly as he could to his mistress' home. He had to do this quickly and silently, so not to attract any attention. He kept his face hidden, but it wasn't likely that anyone would recognize him in the darkness of the night.

Finally he was there. He knocked twice, slowly, then thrice, faster. In a flash he heard the clicking of the lock and the door was flung open.

In front of him stood the most beautiful woman there was. He could honestly say that she was: her black hair that seemed to flutter around even with no wind, her pale skin that seemed to glow in the dark, and her calm grey stormy eyes that could look into your soul. Just one look at her eyes was breathtaking.

She embraced him and ushered him into the house, quickly closing the door after him.

"Did anyone see you come?" she said in her soft musical voice.

"No, no one. I kept my face hidden," the man said, placing his cloak on a chair.

"You know this is the last night for us. Tomorrow I leave to a place where you can't follow me. You wouldn't want to anyway, if you value your life," she said grimly.

The man strode to her and cupped her chin in his hands. "Hey,' he said softly, 'I can handle whatever it is."

She scoffed and released herself from his grip. "Please," she said cynically. "I know you don't want to leave your dear wife."

The man flinched. His wife. The wife whom he hated. The wife he wished he had never met. His gorgeous but uncontrollable wife. She was honestly crazy. When he had met her, she was a sweet shy girl. When they got married, everything went berserk. She started acting crazy and stupid. Violent and hostile to him and his family, he had to sleep outside his own house sometimes.

That is how he met her, the pale beauty. He decided to sleep in a motel, and had to share a room with her. From then on, they had become great friends, finally lovers. Of course, he went back to his terrible wife, but every night he was locked out, which was almost every night, he went looking for his mistress.

She knew about his wife, but didn't seem to mind. But she deserved more than him, a married man. He knew that, and his worse fear was that one day she would realize that and leave him. And his fear had finally come true. She was leaving, and not coming back. Years ago, he used to love the world. Now all he could think of was how cruel this world truly was. Finding true love but having to let it go. Now all he had was his wife.

After his visit with his lover, he walked swiftly home, ignoring all those who gave him odd and suspicious looks. He walked determinedly to his house, and got there just as the sun began to creep up. Surprisingly, the door was unlocked. He went in, expecting to find his wife on the sofa, watching one of her favorite movies and smoking. But what he found was much more intriguing to him: there was silence in his house.

He called out for his wife. No answer. He ran up to the bedroom. Empty. He had the sudden urge to check the closet for at least one sign that he didn't live here alone. All of her clothes where gone. Feeling faint, he collapsed on the bed. He knew he should be happy that she had finally left, but he felt empty. Losing two of women in one day wasn't a good sign. He knew he would be alone all his life, and he knew that it was his worst fear.

He had decided. He would end it now. With both women gone, he had nothing to live for any more. No children, his job wasn't that important and his social life was as bad as his wife. He grabbed a bottle of sleeping pills his wife kept on their night-table and swallowed them without hesitation. He lay back and waited for his heart to stop beating. This was it. This was the last day of his life.

The End

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