The dare

"Okay then, Lacey I dare you to go the old mining caves and get a gold nugget."  Jack said as he gave Lacey a smug look knowing that she wouldn't do it since she was so scared of those caves. 

"Fine, I'll do it then."  Lacey said with determination in her voice. She simply couldn't let Jack get to her and she didn't want to seem like a coward in front of her friends. Besides, how bad could it be in there? It was abandoned after all. She'd just need to take her flashlight and maybe a stick.

"Well, you'll have to go when it's dark. That's the best time after all. Unless you're too scared?" Taunted Jack. Lacey glared at him and stood up promptly.

"There's nothing to be scared of! It's just some old abandoned caves, that won't scare me one bit." Lacey said with a huff before storming off. God, he really got on her nerves sometimes. Looking at her watch told her that she had about four hours before it got dark.

She decided to go home and prep for her dare. After all one could never be too prepared. Not to mention she was actually scared of those caves.

See, it was written that these mine caves were shut down after horrific incidents. Workers were being murdered left and right in there and eventually they had to close them down. Lacey didn't really know the full details but she knew about what almost everyone in the village knew about the case. Everyone was forbidden from going in there. 

Lacey gulped realizing that she'd be breaking a rule. If she got caught that is. Which, won't happen because she'd just be looking for a little gold nugget and running out of there as fast as possible. No big deal, right? How wrong she was.

Looking at the clock on the wall, Lacey decided it was time. Putting her phone in her pocket and grabbing her flashlight she climbed out her window and climbed down with a rope she had. Landing on the wet grass she took off running. Not bothering to look back at her house.

Panting from the long run, Lacey put her hands on her knees and took a couple of seconds to control her breathing. Once she was finally able to breath normally she entered the entrance to the caves, turning on her flashlight after walking for fifteen minutes.

"It's...really dark in here. M-Maybe I should just go? N-No! I won't back down from this dare.. I just won't. " Lacey said worriedly as she shined her flashlight on the floors and walls of the cave. She could hear the faint sound of water dripping and the sizzles and crackles of electricity. 

She really wanted to go home. After half an hour, Lacey was ready to give up. That gold nugget seemed almost impossible to find in this place. She prated herself for even accepting this dare. She froze when she heard something and then rapidly pointed her flashlight in the direction she heard it from only to just see a bare wall.

"I'm losing it. It's nothing, this place is abandoned." Lacey said, trying to assure herself as she continued walking only to halt when she reached a junction. There were two paths she could take. Unfortunately, she walked into the left pathway.

Just like the rest of the cave, the walls were quite bare. Which would make sense since none of the workers lived long enough to really start mining. She kept her flashlight aimed straight ahead so she could see in front of her. Occasionally moving the fluorescent light from side to side to examine the walls. 

Getting out of the pathway, she noticed she was in a wide spaced area. She thought it was quite odd but dismissed it. Suddenly, she heard a loud shriek before everything went quiet. Lacey gulped. Surely now would be the best time to go back, right? She turned to leave before halting in her steps as her eyes widened in horror and her mouth opened to let out a scream.

The End

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