Year 8

I didn't feel feel the iron clasp of hands pulling me out of the water, i don't remember the pumping on my chest to get my heart beating again. I don't even remember coughing up all the water, but i did remember waking up at five in the morning, before janine had a chance to wake from her dull slumber in the main living room. i pulled on my clothes faster then the speed of light, i served myself some breakfast and dashed outside, into the eerie backyard. no sooner then i had sat down did i hear the back door slam shut, deadlocking itself. I didnt care... i had some food, a book all i need was for some light. i moved out from the porch and moved to the patio at the far end of the yard...away from them all.

I went to school as per usual, i was always happy at school, even if i was just one of those lowly year 8s. i had nice friends to be with, and my greades were good. My friends always thought i was mad to love going to school so much. I never told them the full story, just that i had problems at home. they would never beleive the extent of my problems...

I did counselling at a place called Shopp Fronnt. my school counseller and the people atshopfront were under strict orders to not let my houshold know i was getting help. My counsellour was very nice. when i would see her i would draw pictures, drink tea and milo and i would tell her my problems. she was so nice to me.


The End

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