I think I've stopped being hungry now. I was very, very hungry for a while, and my tummy was rumbling. But not it's stopped. All I feel is a bit dizzy and kinda funny. Funny weird, not funny ha-ha.

Mommy can't still be angry at me. Once I drew all over the wallpaper and she didn't shut me out all night, and that's way worse than eating a worm. I think maybe she forgot about me.

That made a lump come in my throat and I wanted to cry. But Mommy doesn't like me crying. She tells me don't be weak. So I'll just wipe my eyes, and be strong like a good girl. There, better. I'll knock on the door again.

I knock and knock but she doesn't come. We used to have a doorbell, but it's broken now. A doorbell would've been louder so Mommy could hear.

It's much lighter now, so I think I'll go over to Auntie Sharon's and ask her to get Mommy to let me in. I hope she doesn't get mad too.

I cross over the wet grass and goes up to the door and knocks. Mr. Brock opens it. I don't like Mr. Brock much. He has a big tummy, no hair on his head but lots of hair everywhere else. I think the hair ran away from his head to hide under his clothes because they are scared of his face. He looks angry all the time. He smells like alkohall too. Mommy sometimes smells like alkohall but most of the time she just smells nice.

"Sharon!" He yelled. Sometimes I'm scared for Auntie Sharon because he's so mean to her all the time. And she's so nice. She lets me play with Boris. "The rugrat from next door's here!"

I didn't like being called rugrat.

Auntie Sharon comes and Mr. Brock goes away. I feel happier already. Soon I'll be nice and warm and eating my Cheerios.

"What's the matter, sweetie?" She bends down to me.

"Auntie Sharon, could you please ask Mommy to open the door for me?" I was proud of myself for remembering to say please. "I was being bad so she gave me a time-out outside, but I think she forgot about me now--" I stop to make sure I'm not crying.

Auntie Sharon frowns. "How long were you out there, hon?"

"Since before supper yesterday night," I said.

Auntie Sharon immediately straightens up and takes my hand. "Come on, sweetie," she said, and we go back to my house.

Auntie Sharon knocks, harder than I did, but Mommy still doesn't come. "Kathie?" She calls (it's my mom's name, but she doesn't like me calling her that). That's weird. Mommy always opens for Auntie Sharon. I feel kinda scared now.

Auntie Sharon goes to the back of the house and because she's taller than me, she can look in the windows. When she comes back, she is whiter than normal, and tells me in a scary, worried voice, "Stay here, hon. Don't move, OK?"

I nod. Why would I move?

She goes back to her house for a bit. I think I hear her talking on the phone. Then she comes back and takes my hand again, saying nothing. She is all tensed up and that made me even more scared.

Then after a long, long time it seems like, I hear the whee-o whee-o of the ambulance and the spinning lights. They stop where we are. I know what an ambulance means.

Is Mommy hurt? Is it because I ate a worm? I want to cry more than ever now. But Mommy wouldn't want that. I have to be a good girl.

The End

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